May 2016 Wrap Up


This month was full of so many awesome things that happened, which I’ll talk about more in my Life Updates section, but I had a really great time this month in terms of reading and bookish related things, so here’s all the things that happened this month on my blog and otherwise:

What I Read

Books I Started But Didn’t Finish

  • When We Collided by Emery Lord – I’m getting really frustrated with one of the main characters, but I know it’s part of the story and who she is as a character that is making me annoyed, so I can’t really fault her for that.
  • The Crown by Kiera Cass – I completely spoiled myself by reading the ending, but I just wasn’t feeling up to reading this one. I will read and review it at some point, but I just don’t feel a rush.

Books I Got This Month

I had more control this month! I think!

These are a few books I won from Armchair BEA:

Discussions I Held

Top Ten Tuesdays & Top 5 Wednesdays

Writing Related

Fun Things


As for Flights of Fantasy, I’ve read an additional two books that are fantasy related, and so that brings my total up to 24 books read of the 30 I’m aiming for that are fantasy. Not bad, if I do say so myself. I wanted to read a lot of contemporary this month, so I’m not upset that I only read two fantasy books.

Life Updates

Okay, now it’s time for the fun part of this post. Seriously, guys, this month was one of the best in my bookish life and I absolutely loved it! Where my real life is a struggle right now with work and crap, my bookish life fills me with joy.

  • I got a little more serious about Bookstagram and have been doing a lot better pictures than before (though I’ve been slacking the last two weeks). Here’s a little peek at some of what I post:


  • I got to meet my favorite author, Sarah J. Maas, and get my favorite book by her (that’s right, I said it!) signed and personalized to me. AND when I went up to her and she saw my name on the post it, she recognized my name from Tweeting at her and I nearly died of happiness right there. It was such a good time and I made a new friend while I was there who was very sweet. Here’s the book personalized & how close I was to Sarah (even though I did zoom in a little, but I was still in the front row; and yes, I did buy a second copy from Target just so I could have the short story… I have a problem, I know):

  • And then I had a really bad day about two weeks ago, so I went and got a haircut and I love it! It made me feel better, too, because I had been meaning to go for months now to get my hair cut, but I’ve just been lazy. Here’s a before and after:
  • I’ve gotten a lot of compliments since getting it cut and everyone agrees that it really suits me, which I also agree with!

  • And then I went to the Maggie Stiefvater signing and OH MAN IS SHE HILARIOUS. She can seriously put on a one woman show and I would totally be fine with it. She told stories of where she was staying in Connecticut, of her plane traveling woes, and during the Q&A portion she even had one of the people who asked a question talk in a Batman voice and it was the best thing ever. Plus, when I went up to get my books signed, we had a fun little chat about them, which was nice. I bought The Scorpio Races while I was there to a) support an independent book store, and b) because I’m really interested in reading it!


  • I also got two mugs from two awesome bookish people, Evie Seo @ Bookish Lifestyle and Cait @ Paper Fury. Both mugs are lovely and I don’t know that I’ll use them to drink anything anytime soon, but for now they make wonderful decorations for my shelves (Evie’s is on the left and says, “Read More Books” & Cait’s says, “Reading Solves Everything Except Your TBR Problems…”):


  • May 30th marked eight years that my husband and I have been together as a couple. It’s crazy to think of how long we’ve been together. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, and yes a couple of break ups, but even when we weren’t together we still saw each other pretty much every week when we were hanging out with friends. He’s my best friend and I love him to pieces and I can’t wait to see what the years will bring us.

Let’s Chat! ≧◡≦

How was your month in terms of reading? Did you get a lot accomplished or did you take a break (because I know school ended for a lot people and so they were swarmed with finals and such)? Any big plans for the summer? Let me know!

8 thoughts on “May 2016 Wrap Up

  1. AHHHH *FLAILS BECAUSE MY MUG DEISGN* This makes me so happy, eeeep. Thank you, Rayna. ❤
    Also your hair looks super nice! And YAY for a good reading month! I really meant to read The Rose and the Dagger but…somehow I didn't. 0_0 I really need to just stop going to the library and READ WHAT I HAVE IN MY SHELVES. AWK. My TBR is a mess at the moment, omg. heeh.
    ALSO YOU MET MAGGIE STIEFVATER AHHHH I AM SO JEALOUS!! *flails for you* She sounds amazing and I'm actually re-reading The Scorpio Races right now and it's incredible. I am so so in love with all the characters and the writing.
    HAPPY MAY! And I hope June is fantastic too!


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