Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Like to Revisit in 10 Years

Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday as hosted by the lovely people over at The Broke & the Bookish. Today’s topic was sort of like a “pick your own” kind of thing, and so I decided to talk about some YA and adult characters that I’d like to revisit in the next 10 years. These are characters that I want to see if I’d feel the same way about them now in the future.

1 . Aelin Galathynius/Celaena Sardothian – If you didn’t think she’d be on my list, then you must be new here. I love Aelin to bits and as she’s one of my favorite YA characters, I definitely want to revisit her later on. Will I think she’s still kickass? Will I think she’s kind of a bit too high strung and quick to act? So many questions!

2. Kaoru & Akiva – You guys have no idea how much I LOVE these two characters. I love them individually, but I REALLY love them together. Oh man, they’re beautiful, tragic, flawed beings and I just want to wrap them in my arms and keep them close to me. Will I still love them ten years from now? I hope so!

3. Zuzana & Mik – Okay, okay, I know they’re in the same series as Karou & Akiva, but THEY BRING ME SO MUCH JOY. If they can still make me laugh and smile, then I definitely want to revisit them in ten years. They’re just such a fun couple! Zuzana is so witty, sarcastic, and she has this killer eyebrow thing; Mik is kind of laid back and tries to be the hero, and really, he’s just a great guy. Love. Them.

4. Cath & Levi – I felt such a connection to Cath and her story when I read it a couple years ago because I had just graduated college that past spring and so everything that was talked about, and issues that happened, I could almost totally relate to. It was incredible. I wonder if I’d feel the same ten years from now? Maybe I’ll end up forgetting my entire college experience, because that’s also very possible.

5. Lia, Rafe, & Kaden – My bae, Kaden, oh how I will always want to revisit you. Creepiness aside, I love these characters and this trilogy. The world is dynamic and large and mysterious, and the characters in their world are all so riveting and awesome. I’ll definitely want to revisit not only these characters, but also the world they live in because there are so many mysteries to be had there.

6. The Raven Boys & Blue – I think I need to reread this series anyway because there is just soooo much that happens, and there’s little hints and threads of what’s to come hidden throughout the books, and it became one of my top ten favorite series, so there’s that, too. I fell in love with the Raven Boys and Blue and so I want to see their story once again ten years from now.

7. Kelsier & Vin – They are just so amazing! Kelsier is always on the path of revenge and always has tricks and secrets up his sleeve; Vin is a stubborn girl who’s ready to fight to get her way. The magic system is also amazing and different and I just… I need more. Maybe I should finish the trilogy for the first go around before revisiting them, huh?

8. Miaka & Tamahome – As my favorite manga series and one of my favorite couples, of course I’ll want to revisit them one day! They’re funny and silly, sweet and serious, determined and stubborn, and I love them to bits. Plus, visual stimulation is always nice and I love Yuu Watase’s style!

9. Kate & Curran – I love this series and how much it’s growing and how the characters have grown, how there’s romance and violence and magic and technology, and just so much about it. As my first urban fantasy series, it definitely has a special place in my heart, so I’ll most likely revisit it in ten years and see how I feel looking back on them and their situations.

10. Lilac, Tarver, Lee, Flynn, Gideon, & Sofia – I. Love. Them. All. The Starbound trilogy is one of my favorite trilogies and so I definitely, definitely want to revisit all of the characters in the near and far future. There’s just so much to take from it and so much to think about and see and how everything intertwines. Maybe I’ll find something different the next time I revisit, too.

Ahh, just thinking of all of these characters makes my heart feel all warm and such. I love each and every one of them and I can definitely see myself revisiting them in ten years to see how I feel about them and if my thoughts have changed or not.

Let’s Chat! ≧◡≦

Who are some of your favorite characters either from YA or adult novels, or anything in between, and do you think your opinions on them will change if you revisit them?

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Like to Revisit in 10 Years

  1. I haven’t read most of these series, I will admit – but I feel the same about Fangirl, and The Raven Cycle, and the Starbound Trilogy! Definitely books to revisit down the road and see if they stir up the same emotions as they do now. ❤ Love the list!


  2. YES TO ALL OF THESE. I would definitely want to revisit the characters in the Starbound trilogy. It would be interesting to see what happens to them now that the series has completed. Same with Lia, Rafe and Kaden. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous picks! ❤


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