Springtime Read-a-thons Wrap-Up

Okay, so as you may or may not know I participated in several read-a-thons over the past several weeks. From #RYBSAT to bout of books 13 to crushyourTBR to #TBRTakedown, I’ve participated in all of them. Does that mean I was successful in achieving what I had hoped to read during those times? No, no I was not.

BUT that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have fun or enjoy myself – I did! I just have this sense of guilt when I don’t read for days on end during even the most relaxed of read-a-thons.

With all that said, let me jump into what I read during the various read-a-thons and how they went and all that.

My first ever read-a-thon was bout of books 13, which was round 13 of this fun read-a-thon. It ran from May 11-17 and was full of fun challenges hosted on other blogs that were optional to participate in for prizes.

For this read-a-thon, I was hoping to read four books for the read-a-thon. Here’s what I did read:

I did not finish:

Now, crushyourTBR also coincided with bout of books as it ran from May 15-17. My goal was to just finish Ember, but I didn’t.

Moving on, #RYBSAT was immediately after these read-a-thons, running from May 18-25. This particular read-a-thon consisted of picking a spot on your shelf and reading as many books as possible from that spot on.

I finished “An Ember in the Ashes” before starting anything, but I did start reading “Unravel Me” by Tahereh Mafi. I didn’t finish it until last week.

But I did finish reading “The Assassin’s Blade” by Sarah J Maas, even though it was on my TBR for bout of books. So yay for that!

And lastly, #TBRTakedown ran from June 1-7, and I only ended up finishing “Unravel Me.”

Suffice it to say: I suck at read-a-thons. To put it shortly:

  • Amount of books I was hoping to read through all of these read-a-thons: 13
  • How many I actually read: 5

Okay, so that’s not horrible, really, but if I had read all of the books I was planning to, my TBR would be 13 books lighter. So close and so far away.

Does this mean I’m going to give up participating in read-a-thons? Nope. I’m still going to participate in them even if I fail. They’re fun, engaging, you meet new people and make new friends, and you get to read. It’s awesome.

Have you participated in any of the above read-a-thons? Or have you participated in any this year that weren’t mentioned? How did you do? Would you be interested in participating? Let me know!

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