Springtime Read-a-thons Wrap-Up

Okay, so as you may or may not know I participated in several read-a-thons over the past several weeks. From #RYBSAT to bout of books 13 to crushyourTBR to #TBRTakedown, I’ve participated in all of them. Does that mean I was successful in achieving what I had hoped to read during those times? No, no I was not.

BUT that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have fun or enjoy myself – I did! I just have this sense of guilt when I don’t read for days on end during even the most relaxed of read-a-thons.

With all that said, let me jump into what I read during the various read-a-thons and how they went and all that.

My first ever read-a-thon was bout of books 13, which was round 13 of this fun read-a-thon. It ran from May 11-17 and was full of fun challenges hosted on other blogs that were optional to participate in for prizes.

For this read-a-thon, I was hoping to read four books for the read-a-thon. Here’s what I did read:

I did not finish:

Now, crushyourTBR also coincided with bout of books as it ran from May 15-17. My goal was to just finish Ember, but I didn’t.

Moving on, #RYBSAT was immediately after these read-a-thons, running from May 18-25. This particular read-a-thon consisted of picking a spot on your shelf and reading as many books as possible from that spot on.

I finished “An Ember in the Ashes” before starting anything, but I did start reading “Unravel Me” by Tahereh Mafi. I didn’t finish it until last week.

But I did finish reading “The Assassin’s Blade” by Sarah J Maas, even though it was on my TBR for bout of books. So yay for that!

And lastly, #TBRTakedown ran from June 1-7, and I only ended up finishing “Unravel Me.”

Suffice it to say: I suck at read-a-thons. To put it shortly:

  • Amount of books I was hoping to read through all of these read-a-thons: 13
  • How many I actually read: 5

Okay, so that’s not horrible, really, but if I had read all of the books I was planning to, my TBR would be 13 books lighter. So close and so far away.

Does this mean I’m going to give up participating in read-a-thons? Nope. I’m still going to participate in them even if I fail. They’re fun, engaging, you meet new people and make new friends, and you get to read. It’s awesome.

Have you participated in any of the above read-a-thons? Or have you participated in any this year that weren’t mentioned? How did you do? Would you be interested in participating? Let me know!

#BoutofBooks & #CrushYourTBR Read-a-thons

So I’ve been participating in #boutofbooks all week on Twitter and I wasn’t going to post about it until my recap on Sunday, but I figured I may as well let you guys know what’s been going on, what I’ve been reading, and my progress so far!

For those of you who don’t know, bout of books is a week long read-a-thon that’s very relaxed. All that they ask is that you post somewhere about joining (joining for this round has already closed) and at least two progress updates throughout the week. Pretty simple. I didn’t have a TBR list compiled for this read-a-thon, so I just chose books at random to read.

This round it’s going from May 11th-17th. I would’ve posted a blog post when I started, but.. I just wanted to keep it on Twitter until the last day. BUT I figured I’d be nice and share my progress. So, as it stands, here’s my progress throughout the week:

Day 1

  • Finished “The Heir” the day the read-a-thon started before I discovered the read-a-thon… but it counts, so ha!
  • Began reading “Sabriel” by Garth Nix and made it 17 pages in.

Day 2

  • 60 more pages read in “Sabriel.”

Day 3

Day 4

  • Finished the really long titled book by Jen Smith, woo! So that’s 131 pages read!

Day 5

  • Haven’t really started yet today by the time this post is up.

I’m making slow progress because life is being really difficult and busy on me this week, but the goal is to read as much as possible, and that’s what I’m doing.

If you want to keep updated on my progress, I’ll be posting on Twitter and I’ll be posting my recap this Sunday!

So, as for #crushyourtbr this is a newish read-a-thon was created by Raeleen and Jacquelyn over on Twitter and today marks the first day of this month’s #crushyourtbr! What is this read-a-thon you ask? It’s pretty much a three day read-a-thon where you try to read as many books as you can on your TBR pile. So for some people that could be five or more books in three days. Me? I’m aiming for just one book, hahaha.

The book I want to read for this weekend and hopefully finish is “An Ember in the Ashes” by Sabaa Tahir.

But along with that, I decided that since Bout of Books and Crush Your TBR are mixing together that I’m also going to try to finish:

If I don’t finish the novellas I want to at least finish the fourth out of the five, so that my goal.

Yeah, so.. a lot of read-a-thons going on right now. If you haven’t heard of them, check it out. There’s still time to participate in any and all, even if you didn’t sign up or anything.

How’s your reading going? Are you participating in any read-a-thons this summer? Let me know!