Do You Ever…

Want to just say “screw it” to your TBR for the month and read whatever you want?

Want to read every single book on your shelf at the same time?

Rearrange your shelves like there’s no tomorrow?

These are some of the things that have been plaguing me the last several days. I just haven’t wanted to read the books I had planned for my TBR this month, even though there’s only three of them, and I’ve already read three books not on my TBR, so it’s not like I lost out or anything.

I just have this strong urge to rebel against myself and say, “HA! I’m going to read what I want!” And, well, that’s kind of the idea, right?

My only problem is: every time I go to pick up a book, I can’t make myself read it. Maybe it’s a nagging feeling about not reading the books I said I’d read for the month. Or maybe it’s just that I’m in the mood for something else. I’m not sure, but it’s driving me crazy.

AND THEN. I literally want to read every single book I haven’t read that are on my shelves right now. I want to explore these new worlds and learn these new characters and fall in love and hate and cry. Like, seriously, these emotions are strong.

But in reality, I know I can’t read every single book at the same time because then 1) I’d be overwhelmed, 2) I’d most likely mix up characters/worlds/plots/etc, and 3) ain’t nobody got time for that.

And the rearranging the shelves thing… I just want to make them look prettier. That’s really the least of my worries right now.

Have you ever felt like this? What do you do to satisfy yourself? What works for you? Do you just jump right into another book or try to really stick to a set schedule? Sometimes I just need to take a break and watch Netflix or play a video game or just do something else so my brain can reset. Do you ever find yourself needing to do that, too? Let me know!

8 thoughts on “Do You Ever…

  1. I do occasionally feel like that but not very strongly. I look at my TMI books and just long to reread them but I tell myself firmly that I have 41 books on my bookcase left to read. Plus my library books. And I don’t have an order to my TBR, I just read either my library books or whatever I feel like so I guess I can’t help there… 😛


  2. Sadly this happens to me all the time :/
    I am pretty much whimsical when it comes to pick out what I need to read next and that choice could be made in a minute or months. You may never know. I am ADHD when it comes to making schedules, I’ll break it the second I make it. Planning ahead is an ordeal for my brain and I involuntarily refrain from it. But I set a theme for the books I might read next, not necessarily the very next. It could go like reading an author I’ve never read from before or reading an underhyped book, an overhyped one, a genre I haven’t touched in ages to books of genre I am really into. I am that kind of a person that could read only one genre for an entire year while I could be that person who would never read from the same genre again throughout the year. Like last year I only read Fantasy ( for most of the books I read). Themes for me could also work like, reading a book which is one that I saw ages ago and could now read it. I convince myself in arbitrary contexts with no particular book in mind. This way I satisfy both my pre-planned destined to be doomed schedule and also the need to read more books that I could read and keep up with the reading goal displayed on my GR page.
    P.S. I am loving all these discussion posts you have up on your blog these days. It gives me a moment to think and decide for myself and my life. Keep up the good work. 🙂


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  4. OH goodness, after reading the sentence about the guilt that not reading TBR books has brought I just had to comment!
    I mean, I don’t really have a set TBR (aside from the quite obvious list of over 1000 books on my Goodreads account that I will need to tackle at some point) for exactly that reason, but I do have a similar… problem? I’m not sure that’s the right word per se, with review copies… Because I feel some obligation to read and review as soon as I receive a book, whether it be directly from authors, publishers or even the ones I request on NetGalley… And in many cases of course that isn’t necessary in the slightest (of course, within reason – but there is definitely no expectation for the review to be up the next day) which kind of allows me to read the books I want to read for myself on occasion, I think you should always allow yourself to have a break from your TBR (and even reading in general), or it will end up in a huge burnout, or reading slump and loss of joy in the wonderful experience that is reading – I take breaks by watching (more like binging) Supernatural.
    And I think every single bookworm has wanted to read ALL THE BOOKS at once… we’d be crazy if we didn’t (or perhaps that in itself makes us crazy) but unfortunately they haven’t made reading through so-called osmosis possible yet – let’s hope they will.
    I’ve stopped re-arranging my shelves…. I don’t think I’ll ever be 100% happy with the way they look so I just decided to shove them into vague colour order. Perhaps one day I will change my mind (or let bookshelf envy take the upper hand) and re-arrange them from scratch.
    I’m somewhat glad I’ve gotten this rant off my chest, so thank you for the discussion post and sorry for the lengthy comment


    • I agree that it’s important to take time away from reading. Reading too much and too often can definitely cause a burnout (as I know from first hand experience) and it’s just good to do other things, too.

      And it’s not a problem! That’s what these discussions are for!

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