Stardust Movie Review

stardustmovieThe other day I watched the movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s “Stardust,” and I have to say, it was pretty dang enjoyable. The movie, like the book, follows a young man named Tristan who is trying to win his true love’s heart. When they see a shooting star together he vows to bring back the fallen star to her in turn for her hand in marriage. She agrees and Tristan sets off on an epic journey through faerie to get the star.

When he sets off with a candle his mother (whom he’s never met) gave him in a letter, he soon finds out that the star is not actually a big hunk of rock, but rather a young woman with a bit of an attitude.

But the thing is, Tristan isn’t the only one looking for the star, Yvaine. A witch wishes to steal Yvaine’s heart so she can become young and beautiful again; and a son of a king needs to find the necklace that Yvaine now wears in order to claim the crown.

It’s an epic tale with lots of funny moments, romance, and a tale that you won’t soon forget.

It was definitely very reminiscent of the book. It started out a bit differently than what had happened in the book, but the same type of plot was still there: boy manages to sneak past the wall that separates the regular world from the magical, goes to festival, gets a woman pregnant. You know, the usual. But it’s a really fast scene and it felt kind of rushed to get to the main story. Let me talk about some of the difference I noticed as I was watching this book-to-movie adaptation:

  • The beginning, as stated above, was different and kind of rushed.
  • There was no little faerie man to help Tristan out at the beginning or to explain the Babylon candle.
  • Yvaine’s leg didn’t really seemed to be broken, but more like sprained because they never splinted it or anything in the movie.
  • The sequence of events happened differently, too, such as when the witch set up the inn and when they met the pirates in the sky. I believe these two things happened in reverse in the books (I could be mistaken, though).
  • We never got to see Tristan’s “mother” or sister at the beginning.
  • Saltwater Sal didn’t actually die in the book.
  • There was a whole fight at the witch’s manor, which I don’t recall at all from the book.

I mean, this was a pretty good adaptation, in my opinion. I think it was a bit more humorous from the book, but I really enjoyed it.

Now, as for my opinions on the film itself:

  • You could tell when there was CGI and when there wasn’t. Oh my, the CGI. Called it every time.
  • The actors all did a great job portraying their character, and I especially loved Captain Shakespeare. He was a hoot.
  • The added battle scene with the witches was needed, I think, in terms of how the movie flowed. It didn’t hinder it at all, in my opinion, but added to it.
  • The comedy was great and added a light and airy feeling to the movie where I felt the book was more serious.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie and thought it was a good adaptation. Of course there were some things that could have been added or changed around, but it was faithful through most of it.

I give this movie a rating of 8/10 stars and highly recommend it for anyone who’s read the novel.

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