Top Ten Tuesday: Characters That I’d Name My Children After


Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday as hosted by the lovely people over at The Broke & the Bookish. I know that this isn’t this week’s topic, but it was last week’s topic (August 9th), BUT I DON’T CARE. I really wanted to do this topic and I missed it and it’s just been a weird week, SO I’m going to do the rewind option from last week!

For this week’s topic I chose characters that I’d name my children after, which was a topic from February 2011! I find that this is very fun and something I would totally do, so let’s just get right into it. And to make it fair, I’m going to separate it into categories.

Boy Names

  1. JACE. And, the funny thing is, this actually IS going to be our first son’s name if/when my husband and I have children. Not only is it the name of the main dude from The Mortal Instruments, but it’s also the name of my husband’s favorite character from Magic: The Gathering. So it works!
  2. SIMON. Again, from TMI, BUT ALSO BECAUSE OF SIMON VS. I love that book so much and I really like the name Simon and I think it would fit a nerdy kind of son. Ah, dreams.
  3. FLYNN. I just really like this name and think that it kind of fits an adventurer type of kid. This is from the Starbound trilogy and he’s probably the top guy from that trilogy that I love.
  4. RONAN. I just. Yes. I think I would need this one in my life. I mean, who wouldn’t want their own Ronan from The Raven Boys in their life? If I could name my child after him? Perfect.
  5. MAGNUS. Yup, another TMI name because I JUST LOVE THE NAMES, OKAY? I feel like this is such a strong name, a very regal one, too, and I think it’s really cool. My husband just gave me a funny look when I suggested it a while ago, but maybe I’ll win one day.

Girl Names

  1. TESSA. I think these characters will forever haunt me, but this name is from The Infernal Devices and I think it’s very lovely.
  2. LILAC. Again, from the Starbound trilogy, this name is very elegant and pretty, yet I think it’s definitely befitting of someone who has more depth than what she lets on. I’d hope to have a strong daughter like that.
  3. CATH. Yup, I’d do this to my child and not give her the full name, but just half of it. I love the awkward, book loving girl that Cath is, so maybe by giving my daughter her name, she’ll be like that, too?
  4. ISABELLA. From my Twilight days, yes, I would name my child this. I think that it’s really pretty, and the nickname Bella is also nice. So… yeah.
  5. MORRIGHAN. Okay, hear my out on this one. Not only is this character from ACOMAF, but she’s also from The Kiss of Deception as a goddess, I believe, in the lore. From reading the novella, I’d definitely want to name my daughter Mor because both characters are very strong and not afraid to take a stand for themselves before anyone else.

And that’s that! It was actually really hard to pick the girl names because I’ve had two of my girl names picked out since I was thirteen and I’m sticking with them 100000000%. But I do think that all of these names are lovely and would definitely fit into the modern world.

Let’s Chat! ≧◡≦

What names would you choose for your children? If you have children, are they named after anyone in particular? What’s the craziest name you think you could get away with naming your child?

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters That I’d Name My Children After

  1. Yayyyy ! I would definitely name my children after Magnus Bane or Alec Lightwood just because I found their names are so unique and of course they are my fictional boyfriends so why not ?? hehe..If it’s a girl I would name her Isabelle or Hermione. 🙂


  2. Such cute choices! ^^ I love unusual names so much, even though most people frown upon them. I just think it’s so nice to have an unique name… It’s like been unique yourself!
    But kids are really cruel so I would think twice before naming my child anything out of the ordinary.


  3. Oh I love the Cassandra Clare appreciation here! I HIGHLY APPROVE. XD I would totally name my kid Jace! Although I probably am never having kids hahah, so I will just get many fish one day and call them after literary characters. (I named my dog Atticus Bean for To Kill a Mockingird and Ender’s Game!) I also loooove the name Magnus. ❤


    • Haha, thanks! But hey, that stills works. Pets are children, too! (I mean, they only rely on you to feed them, wash them, teach them where to go to the bathroom, give them attention… they’re children.)


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