Themeathon Week 2 Begins & Week One Wrap-Up

Well, Themeathon week one ended at midnight, and so begins week two! It’s been a slow first week, but I hope that it’ll pick up as the month progresses.

Week One Wrap-Up

rebelspringDuring the week, I was having trouble finding time and motivation to read, but I did manage to actually finish the book I chose with two and half hours left of week one! Yay!

So the book I completed was “Rebel Spring” by Morgan Rhodes. I did a late review last night, which you can check out here.

My Daring Hero/ine pick was Princess Cleo from this series. She’s had to endure so much in the short time we’ve gotten to know her that I really sympathize with her, but she also shows a fierceness and a bravado that doesn’t falter easily. I definitely think she’s braver and stronger than anyone gives her credit for.

In reading this book I also completed one of the mini-challenges for the week, which was a book with multiple points of view! (And it was 401 pages, so it was literally JUST over the 350-400 page mark challenge!)

Week Two: July 9-16

thewrathandthedawnAnd today begins week two! For week two the theme is Dangerous Love. For this, my chosen book is “The Wrath and the Dawn” by Renee Ahdieh. I’m very excited to read this book and I think that it’ll definitely hold dangerous love as the synopsis says that a prince takes a bride every night, and no one ever sees those women again. But one young woman is determined to beat that statistic and to live past dawn of the next day. Can she?

Sounds dangerous, right? So yeah, this is my read for the week.

And here are the mini-challenges!

  • Read a book with over 450 pages.
  • Write a poem to the main love interest in the book you chose (any type of prose/rhyme scheme/format).
  • Listen to an audiobook.

I’ll be writing a poem about the main love interest and sharing it with you all in the wrap-up. Ohhh yesss.

The Twitter Sprint for this week will be hosted on @SummerReadathon and will be:

  • Tuesday, July 14th @ 5:00PM EST until 7:00PM EST

I hope to see some of you there during the sprints!

What are you reading for this week? What kind of dangerous love are you going to explore? What mini-challenges might you do? Let me know!

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