#ProjectTBR and TBR Jar Challenge

So these two TBR (to be read) “challenges” are concepts I saw on YouTube and wanted to talk about here on my blog and how I plan on participating in them this year!

First, let me talk about Project TBR, which was originally introduced by Ben at benjaminoftomes. This is a concept many booktubers are jumping on, and I want to work on it, too.

Pretty much, Project TBR is very similar to 0 by 16 in that its goal is to read as many books in your TBR pile as possible in 2015. It has more leeway though in that you don’t have to read all of the books in your TBR pile, but the gist of it is to read more books from your TBR than what you get throughout the year. So say you have 80 books on your TBR and you end up reading 50 of them by year’s end, and have only bought 20 books this year. That’s the objective of Project TBR: read more than you buy. So don’t have 80 books on your TBR, read 50, but end up buying 100 books. That defeats the purpose!

Along with just reading and getting your TBR down, Ben talks about different ways in which to bring your TBR pile down such as: readalongs (reading books along with people), readathons (reading as many books in a set amount of time as possible), book diets (keeping your book buying down to a minimum), and reading sprints (reading as many pages as possible in a set amount of time). These are effective and fun ways to work your TBR down because you can do it with the community on Twitter, Facebook, libraries, the couch, wherever you want to!

Remember, Project TBR is a year long event, so keep reading those books that have been sitting on your shelf and try to read as many as possible!

The next thing that’s sort of related to this is the TBR Jar Challenge, which I originally saw on Katyastic‘s channel. This is a different kind of TBR Jar challenge in that it doesn’t have the titles of unread books, but rather twelve fun challenges to implement every month.

The way it works is very simple: at the beginning of each month, draw one piece of paper from your jar (or box or whatever you have to hold these pieces of paper) and do that challenge for that month! It’s easy, right?

The different challenges Kat uses are:

  1. Book with 500+ pages
  2. Reread a favorite book
  3. Read a 2015 debut novel
  4. Someone else picks for you
  5. Listen to an audiobook
  6. A DNF (did not finish)
  7. Read a new-to-you author (author you’ve never read before)
  8. Read a book that’s not a novel (non-fiction/short stories/poems/etc)
  9. Book to movie/TV adaptation (also watch that adaptation)
  10. Book that won an award
  11. Read a classic novel
  12. Finish a series

So those are all of the challenges Kat came up with and I think all of them sound fun and entertaining! I definitely want to participate in the challenge, and though I already have my January TBR picked out for this month, I still want to do a challenge!

The one I picked at random was… Book to movie/TV adaptation! Well, I already have “HP and the Goblet of Fire” picked out, so that just might be my challenge book for this month! Very exciting! Hopefully I finish it this month to complete the challenge.

If you want to participate in these two TBR challenges for the year, please do! It is open to all book lovers, whether you blog or vlog or not! I think they’re fun, engaging, and totally help with getting down those piles, so I can’t wait to see how this year goes with these challenges!

Accompanying video: #ProjectTBR & TBR Jar Challenge

Let me know if you plan on participating down below in the comments! I’d love to hear about it!

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