Love-a-thon Mini-Challenge #5: X Meets Y


Hello lovely people and welcome to Love-a-thon 2017, hosted by these lovely ladies: Alexa @ Alexa Loves Books, Cee @ The Novel Hermit, Kristin @ Super Space Chick, and Mel @ The Daily Prophecy.

More mixing and matching, ahoy! Only this time the challenge is to mix and match your favorite TV shows with some books so people can find some fun recommendations that way!

10 Things I Hate About You meets P.S. I Like You

10-things-i-hate-about-you-movie-poster-800x1200 psilikeyou

I think this is the perfect kind of X meets Y because both the movie and the book include characters that hate each other at the beginning, and through some sort of way they come together and end up really liking each other. I mean… they’re both adorable, gotta say.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind meets The Raven Boys

nausicaa%cc%88_of_the_valley_of_the_wind_dvd_cover theravenboys

Okay, hear me out on this one. Both include characters that are trying to figure out why strange things are happening around them, both include magic and mystery, but they also have a huge part that deals with trees and the magic in them. I think that if you’ve read The Raven Boys, you’ll like Nausicaa because it raises a lot of questions, but it also amazes you with the beauty of it.

Star Trek meets Illuminae

star-trek-2009-movie-poster illuminae

It’s not just because they both take place in space, okay? But it’s because they’re both VISUALLY stunning! If you haven’t hear the buzz around Illuminae, where have you been? It’s an amazing story and the way it’s told through graphics, chat messages, documents, etc, really play into the whole story and it really makes the whole book come alive. And if you haven’t seen this first Star Trek movie, again: where have you been?

So I think that that’s good for now for X Meets Y! I loved each of these books and movies, so I highly recommend checking all of them out!

Let’s Chat! ≧◡≦

What movie/book combo would you recommend to me based off of what I’ve shown here? I’d love to see what you come up with!


7 thoughts on “Love-a-thon Mini-Challenge #5: X Meets Y

  1. 10 Things I Hate About You is one of my favorite movies!!! And I loved P.S. I Like You so I totally agree with this recommendation! I also really love Miyazaki films but I haven’t seen Nausicaa just yet. But with The Raven Boys comparison, I feel like I’ll need to check it out soon!


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