Taking Breaks in Reading

Oh hi guys! How’s it going? I haven’t been around the last two weeks, did you notice? I usually try to post once or twice a week, but I just haven’t been in the mood to read or do anything bookish lately.

Scandalous, I know.

But these past two weeks have been relaxing in a way that I didn’t know I thought I’d experience, but it’s also been weird not reading anything or not keeping up with anything book related. I’m so used to going on Twitter and talking with a bunch of people about books, or going on Instagram and posting a crap ton of bookish photos, or just plain reading. I don’t read daily much anymore because I have a long drive to a from work five days a week, and I’m usually tired by the time I get home, but when I do read I try to read for long spans of time.

But let me tell you: taking this mini-hiatus was definitely needed.

There’s been a lot of discussion going on in the book community surrounding diversity – which is great! – I’ve just been feeling very overwhelmed being around it and unsure of what to say, if I should say anything, and all of that. Which leads me to wondering what books I should read next and if I’m reading them because I want to, or if it’s because everyone will approve of it. And honestly, no one should have to worry about that sort of thing.

So I took a break from reading for two weeks. Of course it was during a readathon (and I was enjoying the book I first started reading for it, too), but I think that I just needed to take that step back from social media and books and just do other things that I enjoy: painting, drawing, playing video games, watching movies, planning a Disney vacation, stuff like that. Of course I still feel a little guilt inside for not reading or being around, but honestly? It’s fine.

I think that taking that step back when you’re feeling overwhelmed is healthy. Why surround yourself in so much negativity and anger that you feel drowned? Even if you’re a reader, a blogger, booktuber, whatever, take the step back that you need to take and just do other things. Your blog will be fine, that book you were reading will still be there, and those people that you enjoy chatting with will be there to chat again soon.

Let’s Chat! ≧◡≦

Do you sometimes take impromptu little hiatuses from reading or blogging sometimes? Do you sometimes feel guilty when you do so? Tell me all of your thoughts!


16 thoughts on “Taking Breaks in Reading

  1. I definitely sometimes take breaks from both. Although when I took a two-week break from blogging, remaining active and reading what others posted and commenting was something that was very important to me. I didn’t feel guilty at all from not blogging for two weeks because I remained active in the community. You should also read diversely because you want to and not because everyone else will approve. While there has been a lot of positive discussion about reading more diverse books, there have been some negative things as well, like prejudgement of people and people being called racist when they might not be racist at all. Some people in the community have made people afraid to share their thoughts and opinions on books because of fear of getting attacked by certain members of the community.


  2. I had to delete my Twitter account because I was so overwhelmed by the negativity surrounding diverse books. Which makes me sad, because I LOVE reading diverse books, but there are so many people on the attack these days that I can’t deal with the daily social media wildfires. 😦 It’s definitely healthy to step back every once in a while and regroup.


  3. Taking a break when you’re overwhelmed is the best way to go about these things – especially since we do this for fun. If you want some great diverse recs in a particular genre, I may be able to help you out! I’ve been working to find more diverse stuff that I enjoy for the last year.


  4. Usually, every year, I take a month off from reading (though for the past 2 years its been a bit longer). I usually don’t feel guilty, I just kick myself because I wish I was reading. But I realize that it’s okay to take a step back from reading, even if it’s a month or even a year. I love the whole discussion on diversity but I was too overwhelmed because I felt bad for not reading more backgrounds. But I started broadening my horizons and I felt like it has made me understand more perspectives we might not see in a typical novel. HOWEVER, it shouldn’t be a chore. I personally don’t care much what a person reads, more on what a person thinks of the book they are read. I guess read what the heart desires!


  5. I do think it’s necessary to take little breaks from reading as it helps me to freshen up my mind. I mean, sometimes I reeeeeally need to get rid of ll the book clutter in my head to focus on something else. So, that’s a yes from me!
    However, I almost always feel guilty when I do it, which is absolutely ridiculous!


  6. I think it’s TOTALLY fair to do that!! And I completely understand. There is no need to let what we love (like reading/blogging) make ourselves feel sick. Breaks are good! (And I mean, I’m sure you already know this…but don’t let anyone tell you what to read or what not to read. That’s up for every individual to decide. We can’t believe in censorship!) I hope you have a nice hiatus!


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