January 2017 Wrap Up

Oh hi guys!

Well, this year is already chugging along, isn’t it? I’m sorry I haven’t been around much at all this month, but I needed some me time, and I have to say: it was very much needed, but I’m happy to be back. I hope you all had a safe and happy new year, and I hope that the first month of this new year was a good one for you!

Books I’ve Read

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  • The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon – Equal parts heartbreaking and heartwarming! 4.5/5 stars

Books I’ve Gotten

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windwitch roseblood frostblood alchemistsofloom

Other Blog Posts

Writing Related

Fun Things


So the first month for 2017 Flights of Fantasy reading challenge  kind of didn’t really exist for me. I haven’t really read anything this month, and what I have read has been contemporaries, so… yeah. Off to a great start! #sarcasm 0/30 fantasy books read so far


Beat the Backlist, if you don’t already know, if a challenge that I’m participating in this year to read books that have been published prior to 2017. So far, I’ve been in the process of reading a couple, and I know I’m going to have a lot on this list, but for now, I have xx completed.


So over on my Instagram I… really didn’t do much. Again: me time had pretty much nothing to do with bookish anything this month. It’s weird, honestly. I only have the five pictures that are remotely bookish this month and that’s it. Yup.


 Around the Internet

This is a feature I’ve seen in several other blogger’s wrap ups and I think it’s a fun way to show what else I’ve been reading/seeing around the internets!

Life Updates

  • I enjoyed taking a hiatus from reading and the book community and stuff; I kind of needed it. But I’m also glad to be back and doing something that I enjoy.
  • My husband and I booked a trip to Disney World for the last week of August and I’m SO EXCITED! We haven’t been since our honeymoon in 2014, so it’s much overdo. I even have a countdown going and everything.

Let’s Chat! ≧◡≦

How has your new year been treating you so far? Anything fun and exciting happen? What was your favorite read of the month? Tell me all the things!

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