Remembering Why You Blog

So I wanted to talk about something that I think is extremely important: remembering why you started blogging in the first place. I got this idea from Jeann’s post on Happy Indulgences about how, as readers, why it’s important to remember why you started blogging in the first place.

And so, I wanted to talk a little bit about that.

Why I Started Blogging

Because I love books. I love to read and be taken to places I’ll never go, have never been, have traveled to before, and can only dream about. Books are amazing, wonderful gifts granted to us, and I think that, as readers, we can sometimes take that for granted when it comes to blogging.

As Jeann said in her post, “Reading is a passion, but by pressuring yourself to keep up with the long TBR, it can become a chore.”

I think that we sometimes it can be difficult to remember that when it comes to reading, it truly is about the passion and love for it. When people get ARCs or review copies or even buy a crap ton of books, they can often feel overwhelmed by that pile and lose sight of why they started blogging in the first place.

And Sometimes, I Forget That

I’ve mentioned in several posts about how stressed I am when it comes to reading, or how hard it is to keep up and read as many books as I can in a month.

I’ve been told many times (directly and indirectly) that it doesn’t matter how many books you read in a month as long as you’re reading. Heck, I think I’ve even said that before – and it’s true! As long as you’re still acting on your passion and love for reading, it doesn’t matter if you read one book in a month or fifteen.

And I think when it comes down to the blogging side of it, I forget that it’s okay to not always have a review every week of a different book. Yes, sometimes I disappoint myself, and I’m sure that’s inevitable, but I’m still putting out content about the things I love and care about. I think that’s what’s most important.

Sometimes You Need a Push

I think that it’s good to be reminded once in a while about why you started blogging in the first place. Was it to “get big” and well known? Was it to share your passion and love for something? Was it to just journal for yourself, but on a more public platform? I think that remembering just why we started, we can reflect back and see if we felt more successful before or after any changes may have taken place.

For me, personally, I did it to connect with others and get my own opinions out into the world. Yes, I’ll admit that part of me did want to get “followers” and whatever, but after I started to really get into it – especially this year – I discovered how much I just loved talking about anything and everything that had to do with books, reading, hot topics, and the community.

I found that, even if I didn’t get a lot of people looking at my content, it was okay because I still was happy with what I put out, and I think that’s the key.

Reading Is a Passion

If you’re a book blogger like I am, then you probably love books. I’ve always loved reading, but I never really understood and fully grasped that love until just this past year. I have read more books this year than ever in my life at one time, and I find that amazing.

This community has brought so much joy and happiness to my life, and I think I forgot that for a while.

As Jeann also said, “Whether we blog, bookstagram, booktube, tumblr, or whatever, WE’RE ALL READERS. We are a community of people who are passionate about books, and we should be appreciating how each and every one of us contributes to the love of reading. There aren’t enough people in the world who appreciate reading as a hobby, so it’s important to love, enjoy and appreciate it together.”

I sincerely hope that you remember why you started blogging and why you chose reading as your passion. It’s an amazing and wonderful journey we’re on together as readers, and I hope that we can all enjoy it together.

Let me know your thoughts on this subject. Why do you blog? What first motivated you to begin your blogging? What motivated you to read?

4 thoughts on “Remembering Why You Blog

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post Rayna, I am so glad that my post has helped you go back to your roots and remember why you’re doing this in the first place. Because we’re all here to share our thoughts on reading, and to talk to other book lovers who have similar interests. It’s a wonderful community, book blogging!


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