Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things on My Wishlist

Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday, as hosted by the peeps over at Broke & Bookish. Today’s topic was a freebie, meaning we could pick whatever we wanted to talk about, and so I thought I’d talk about some of the bookish things that are on my wishlist! Now this doesn’t necessarily mean I will ever acquire these items, but I would still love to hope I would one day.

  1. Harry Potter merch – specially Hufflepuff merch. Okay, so, I am a Hufflepuff and every quiz I’ve ever taken EVER, including Pottermore (twice!) has been Hufflepuff. So I want some Hufflepuff merch because I want to show off my Hogwarts pride someway, somehow!
  2. More POP! Vinyl figures – So far all I have is Daenerys from A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin, and I love her to bits! The one I got is one I hadn’t seen before, and it’s the one where she’s holding one of her little dragons and I just love it. I would love to get more figurines, specifically of Hagrid, and any other cool ones I want. Heck, they don’t even have to be book related, I just want moreeeee.
  3. Bookworms – I’ve seen them on Etsy and I really want a felt or fabric bookworm to chill on my shelf and make his home there. Because, why not? I’m pretty sure it’s an essential. Specifically this one.
  4. Bookmarks – Like my collection isn’t big enough already, but I’d love more bookmarks! My favorites are the little magnetic ones because they’re a lot harder to lose than regular cardboard ones. But really, any will do!
  5. A tattoo – Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t that a little extreme?” Well, yes, it is. But my love for reading is endless and forever, so why not commemorate that with a tattoo? I’m not saying it’ll happen any time soon – if at all – but a girl can dream. Just look at these cool ones.
  6. A bookish phone case – I’ve been mulling over this for weeks now and I just really want to get one. There’s actually a booklr, books-cupcakes, who has a Redbubble shop and I really want this design. I think it’s perfect and feminine and lovely.
  7. Posters – I have a serious lack of posters of books lying around. I’m not really a poster person much anymore (mostly because I don’t want to hang anything up on the walls in my apartment), but that doesn’t mean I won’t appreciate the thought of them!
  8. Book charms – You know those necklaces or bracelets with charms on them and they’re mini versions of books? Yeah, I want one of those. Which book? I have no idea. Actually, I do, and it’d be the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas, and if I had to pick one book, it’d be Queen of Shadows. >> Okay, that was too easy.
  9. Journals galore – This is sort of bookish, but I love journals. I love to collect them, and even if I don’t write in them I love them. Just the idea and possibility of writing in them and filling the pages excites me – I just never know what to write in them!
  10. Bumper sticker – Are there book bumper stickers out there? I’d love one and stick it to my car proudly.

So there you have it! My bookish wishlist. What are some of the bookish things that you wish you could have? Let me know!

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