Rating System

Okay, so I reviewed my post on how I rate books and I realize that I never really talked about how I rate books… Kind of sad, really. I mean, I talked about the means on which I base my rating off of, but I never really gave a clear picture as to the system I use! Shame on me!

So I just wanted to clear up any confusion anyone might have.

I base my book reviews off of a 5 star rating system, with quarter stars and half stars, as well. The following is my current rating system:

0 Stars: I couldn’t finish this book it was that bad.

1 Star: I managed to finish it miraculously, but it was still horrible beyond repair.

2 Stars: It wasn’t a good book, but I still read it.

3 Stars: It was an okay read. Heck, I may have even enjoyed it. But there was something about it that just didn’t click with me.

4 Stars: I enjoyed it! This is an average rating for me if I find books in the genres I like.

5 Stars: I LOVED it! It’s a definite reread in the future and one I will keep forever.

Quarter star (0.25 and 0.75) and half star (0.5) ratings can become common in my system. If I feel the book is deserving of a slightly elevated rating, I give it the appropriate star accordingly. So say it’s a 3.75 out of 5 star rating: It wasn’t so bad that it was the star before it, but it’s not quite good enough to meet the next star higher.

I use this system in all of my reviews currently. I also try to mention on Goodreads if a book is in the middle range between stars, such as the 3.75 rating.

For movie reviews I base my ratings off of a ten star system. I usually only do movie reviews if it’s a book-to-movie adaptation, so please be aware of that. This system is as follows:

0-3 Stars: I really hated this movie and don’t plan on ever seeing it again.

4-6 Stars: It was okay, but I mostly didn’t enjoy it. There were some things that were okay, but most of it just didn’t work for me.

7-9 Stars: I really enjoyed the movie and maybe I’ll watch it again sometime in the future.

10 Stars: I better own it. Amazing.

The quarter and half star ratings fall into place in this system, too.

So those are the overall rating systems that I have in place right now. They work for me and that’s all I’m looking for right now.

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