Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Facts About Me


Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday as hosted by the lovely people over at The Broke & the Bookish. Today’s topic is all about me! Well, it’s facts that you want to share with people about you, whether that be bookish, blog related, or otherwise. I’ve done 25 bookish facts about me before, so today I’m going to do more random things about me!

1 . I have two tattoos. I’ve shown pictures of each of them on the blog before, but here they are again. And yes, I do want to get more.

2. I’ve never broken a bone! I’ve sprained my right ankle twice, but otherwise nothing major has happened.

3. I used to take horseback riding lessons. Those few years I did were some of my favorite, but alas, it was too expensive to keep up with it. I haven’t ridden in about eight or so years and would love to pick it up again.

4. I suck at math. I always have and probably always will. My brain has a hard time wrapping around a lot of mathematical problems, but I did really well in algebra and statistics in high school.

5. I played baseball in fourth or fifth grade and I was hit in the nose by a baseball. It bled, I cried, I sat out for an inning; it was fun (not). And our team was lousy and only won two games the entire season and I was one of two girls on said team… I did get to take home one of the winning baseballs home, though, so that was neat.

6. My husband and I have been together since 2008. We’ve had our ups and downs and we’ve taken a few brakes in the early years, but we’ve been together since. I don’t have a photo from the first year we were together (I don’t know why, but there’s none on this computer), so here’s one from prom 2009 and then our honeymoon to Disney in 2014:

7. I love being creative! So blogging is right up my alley because I love to draw, write, create! That’s really where many of my true passions lie and I feel I should utilize them more often than I do.

8. My best friend has been my best friend since kindergarten. Yup! We’ve been best friends for TWENTY YEARS. Holy carp, that’s weird to say. But my best friend is amazing and I love her to bits. We’re often confused for sisters, and we’re both okay with that.

9. I self taught myself American Sign Language a few years ago. I’m wicked rusty now because I don’t use it in my every day life, but I taught myself the basic alphabet and a few words, like “bacon,” “tree,” and some other miscellaneous things. It’s a fun language to learn, that’s for sure, I just didn’t really find an opportunity to continue learning it!

10. I’m still working on the whole self-love thing. It’s very hard, but I’ve been trying a lot harder lately to love myself more because, well, I deserve it and I should.

And there you have it; ten facts about me. What a wide range of things to share.

Let’s Chat! ≧◡≦

Tell me a random fact about you! I’d love to get to know you a little better. c:

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Facts About Me

  1. You definitely deserve to love yourself entirely. I think we’re all pretty much working on that one! I love your tattoos, I’d like to get one soon as well. I’d really like to put a quote by Tolkien. I’ve also never broken a bone -which is a miracle to be honest, because I’m quite clumsy 😀

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  2. You & your husband look so adorable and happy together! I’ve been with my partner for 3 years now, and so many people (especially family) are like, “why don’t you branch out or try to date someone else you haven’t been with since high school?” Too bad for them that I love him 🙂 I also adore your tattoos. Who said the quote on your first tattoo? I’m still trying to decide what I want to get, now that I can afford a tattoo for myself.

    My TTT!


    • Pssh, if you love someone, then there’s no need to date around. c: and if you’re both happy & committed, even better! I’ve tried to find it but it’s an “anonymous” quote, so I’m not sure!

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