20 Facts About Me

Oh hi, you lovely people! It’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this, so I thought, “why not do an updated ‘facts about me’ post?” So that’s what I’m going to do today!

I’m not going to talk about the ones that were in my Top Ten Tuesday post, or my 25 Bookish Facts About Me post, but instead talk about ten new bookish facts and ten non-bookish facts. Why not?

Here we go~!


1. Since I started blogging, I’ve been to the following author signings: Jodi Meadows & Erica Bowman, Sarah J. Maas, Maggie Steifvater, and Leigh Bardugo. Each of the events were super fun and I highly recommend going to one if you’re able to!

2. I’ve been super into webcomics the last few years, hence my lack of book reviews and content. They’re easy to dive into and where I’m a visual person, the illustrations help me to escape into those worlds. You can check out my most recent recommendations here!

3. I’ve been listening to Brandon Sanderson’s audiobook for The Way of Kings for months now… it’s 45+ hours long… It’s fine… But my fact is that, because of this audiobook and The Kiss of Deception, I’ve definitely warmed up to audiobooks as a medium for myself much more and have since bought more books to read in this form!

4. So before we moved, my workplace was throwing away this hutch that was in an office, and I said I’d take it home and turn it into a bookshelf. Lo and behold, when I got home, my husband surprised me with another bookshelf that same day… so… I told my dad he can sell the hutch or keep it if he wants to because I didn’t have a use for it anymore lol

5. My reading tastes are changing, bit by bit. I’ve been noticing this for a while now, that I’m gravitating toward more adult reads than YA reads. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course! I believe I’m looking for more relatable content, but I’m not going to stop reading YA – or MG now that I’m into the Percy Jackson series! – anytime soon.

6. I’ve started a reading/bookish bullet journal! August will be my second month using it, and I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve tried – and failed – two or three times to use an actual bullet journal, but my life is not that exciting so as to really need one, you know? So I started this bookish bullet journal and I love it! I’m playing around with the format and what I want to include in it and such, but there’s still plenty of flexibility with it. I’ll do a post about it soon.

7. I’m trying to get back into reading novels. Like I said earlier, I’ve been into reading webcomics like nobody’s business the last few years, and that’s due to life circumstances and depression that caused me to stop reading novels. But I’m trying to reintroduce myself to them bit by bit. I think the readathons I’m participating in are helping a bit.

8. Speaking of readathons, I love how many are popping up, but I realized that I need to focus on one readathon at a time. I’m amazed at how I see people participating in three or more at the same time, and I’m just like, “Are ya a wizard or something!?” I get overwhelmed easily, so for August I’ll only be participating in one readathon – the Disney-a-thon!

9. I’ve unhauled and donated soooo many books over the last two years. I didn’t realize just how many books I bought purely for the hype or because I was super interested at the time, but then grew out of it as time went on. And yet I still have no room on my shelves…

10. I’ve been buying a lot more ebooks lately so I can 1) put my kindle to good use and get my money’s worth lol, and 2) they’re cheaper and more convenient.


1. My husband and I moved! We moved to North Carolina at the beginning of July, and my dudes, it’s hot af here. Like. Why is it so humid all the time? Whyyyyyyy I miss my cooler Massachusetts weather. *cry* We moved because he got a job with a company that’s widespread so he’ll be an electrician’s apprentice.

2. I got two more tattoos! They’re both on my left forearm and done on the same day. The one at the top is the four elements (from the top going clockwise): air, water, fire, earth, and the center is spirit, and the lines that connect everything together. And then my constellation of Leo!

3. My husband and I have been together for 11 years this year, and married for five of them this year, too. CRAZY.

4. I’ve been getting more into spirituality lately again, and so I’ve been picking up tarot and oracle cards and learning to read them. I’ve gotten a lot of conversations from them for myself and a lot of guidance, so that’s been nice.

5. I went to Anime Boston earlier this year and cosplayed as casual Uraraka Ochako! (She’s a character from the hit manga/anime My Hero Academia.) It was super fun and I wish I could go again next year, but I don’t see that happening. I went by myself, too, which wasn’t as fun because it’s great going to conventions with others for the experience and fun times with one another, but I still had a good time. We also got to see MIYAVI live again (we had seen him in early 2018) and he was SO GREAT! He played a bunch of new songs off of his album that hadn’t been released yet and it was just so good!

6. Speaking of concerts, my husband and I also went to the Love Yourself tour for BTS last year in September in CANADA! We met up with some friends up there and it was such a blast! The boys were great and we had a great time. We also got to go to the Jingle Ball concert and see artists like Camilla Cabello, Sean Mendes, and Monsta X! Both concerts were great.

7. I’ve written a bunch of fanfiction of one of my all time favorite couples (non-canon): Bakugou Katsuki and Uraraka Ochako from My Hero Academia. I fell hard into this fandom and this ship, and I just had to write (and draw) my own stories about them. If you want to check out my works, here’s my AO3 for you to peruse. I’m pretty proud of them as I’ve gone on, to be honest. I’ve even been part of a zine and wrote a story for it, and so I have some of my work out there in the world! It’s cool!

8. I have a RedBubble shop now. I’ve got a few different anime prints available of fan art I’ve done, so check it out! I hope to do more in the future. It was a big leap for me, and I’ve had a few sales, which is nice! But yeah, you can see some of my favorite ships and characters. I’ll definitely draw some more as time goes on! Not strictly related to anime, but other things, too.

9. I fell in love with the online show Critical Role. It’s a DnD show where “a bunch of nerdy ass voice actors sit around and play Dungeons and Dragons” (to quote Matthew Mercer). I had never had much interest in DnD before. I had joined a campaign with some close friends, but we quickly stopped because it just wasn’t fun at the time (the campaign got revamped a year later but then, you know, life happened so we stopped again). And my husband had tried to show me this show before, but I was determined at the time to not like it. Don’t ask me why lol

And then, one day, I was sitting around last summer and was like, “Oh, they started a second campaign? They’re not too far into it… Okay, I’ll give this a chance.” And so I started watching campaign two, episode one, and I was hooked. I’ve caught up with the current campaign and have been watching the liveshows for months now (hello 10PM start time and 1:30AM end time lol), every week on Thursdays (unless cancelled or moved).

I fell in love with not only the characters that are being played, but also the voice actors themselves, and also with the game that is Dungeons & Dragons. It’s crazy! I haven’t had much opportunity to play, but I’ve got dice, I’ve got some characters, and I’m ready to go!

(I also got these beautiful posters – with one of them signed by the cast – and I love them so much! *cries forever*)

Sorry for the crappy lighting. The other light was reflecting off of the glass a lot more. But the one of the Might Nein on the right is signed by the cast!

You can check out Critical Role on either YouTube (click here to catch up with campaign one, which is what I’m doing, or click here to catch up with campaign two) or on Twitch (which is where they do their livestreams each week). Mind you, each episode is usually over 3 hours long, so keep that in mind when watching them!

10. I started to get into wearing wigs! Let me tell you, they’re so fun to wear! As of this post, I have a total of seven wigs. Here’s some pics to show them off because I love them. I just find them fun, and they don’t damage your hair like regular dye and bleach does, so if you want to wear one one day, and then have different color the next, you can!

Aaaaaannndddd… that’s it! I had a hard time trying to figure out what to say about myself, let me tell you lol But I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me!

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Tell me one bookish fact about yourself and one non-bookish fact that you’re comfortable sharing! I want to learn more about you guys, so tell me about yourselves! ^^

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Facts About Me


Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday as hosted by the lovely people over at The Broke & the Bookish. Today’s topic is all about me! Well, it’s facts that you want to share with people about you, whether that be bookish, blog related, or otherwise. I’ve done 25 bookish facts about me before, so today I’m going to do more random things about me!

1 . I have two tattoos. I’ve shown pictures of each of them on the blog before, but here they are again. And yes, I do want to get more.

2. I’ve never broken a bone! I’ve sprained my right ankle twice, but otherwise nothing major has happened.

3. I used to take horseback riding lessons. Those few years I did were some of my favorite, but alas, it was too expensive to keep up with it. I haven’t ridden in about eight or so years and would love to pick it up again.

4. I suck at math. I always have and probably always will. My brain has a hard time wrapping around a lot of mathematical problems, but I did really well in algebra and statistics in high school.

5. I played baseball in fourth or fifth grade and I was hit in the nose by a baseball. It bled, I cried, I sat out for an inning; it was fun (not). And our team was lousy and only won two games the entire season and I was one of two girls on said team… I did get to take home one of the winning baseballs home, though, so that was neat.

6. My husband and I have been together since 2008. We’ve had our ups and downs and we’ve taken a few brakes in the early years, but we’ve been together since. I don’t have a photo from the first year we were together (I don’t know why, but there’s none on this computer), so here’s one from prom 2009 and then our honeymoon to Disney in 2014:

7. I love being creative! So blogging is right up my alley because I love to draw, write, create! That’s really where many of my true passions lie and I feel I should utilize them more often than I do.

8. My best friend has been my best friend since kindergarten. Yup! We’ve been best friends for TWENTY YEARS. Holy carp, that’s weird to say. But my best friend is amazing and I love her to bits. We’re often confused for sisters, and we’re both okay with that.

9. I self taught myself American Sign Language a few years ago. I’m wicked rusty now because I don’t use it in my every day life, but I taught myself the basic alphabet and a few words, like “bacon,” “tree,” and some other miscellaneous things. It’s a fun language to learn, that’s for sure, I just didn’t really find an opportunity to continue learning it!

10. I’m still working on the whole self-love thing. It’s very hard, but I’ve been trying a lot harder lately to love myself more because, well, I deserve it and I should.

And there you have it; ten facts about me. What a wide range of things to share.

Let’s Chat! ≧◡≦

Tell me a random fact about you! I’d love to get to know you a little better. c:

25 Bookish Facts About Me

Hey peeps! So I got this idea from Bookables over on YouTube where she talked about twenty-five bookish facts about her and I found them to be really fun, so I thought that I’d do my own version of this! So here are twenty-five bookish facts about me:

  1. I didn’t start reading the Harry Potter series until I turned 20. I know, I’m late to the party.
  2. I really don’t like reading classics, but I’ll give certain authors a try, like Jane Austen. Honestly, that’s it. Sorry classics lovers.
  3. I’ve only ever been to one book signing and that was for when Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer came out – and I hated it. I was the second to last one in line to get a band to get my books signed, and my two friends got one before they moved the line outside. It was seriously a miserable day, but I still got the first three books signed thanks to my friend.
  4. I’d totally be going to BEA or BookCon this year, but unfortunately May is a block out month for me at my work this year, so no one’s allowed to take time off. So sad.
  5. I love bookmarks. Like I have a serious problem and buy more bookmarks than I’ll ever need, but some of them are just so CUTE. I can’t help it.
  6. I’ve always been a reader, but I got wicked into reading when manga was introduced to me in 6th grade. I read series like Tokyo Mew Mew, Fushigi Yuugi, Fruits Basket, Hot Gimmick, and more. It’s also the time I became obsessed with anime and Japanese culture, as one does.
  7. Over the last year and a half since starting my blog/Booktube, I’ve accumulated well over 200 books – physical, ebook, and audiobook.
  8. I got my first tattoo at the end of December last year that is a quote about books and how much I love them (it’s on my right shoulder blade area): IMG_2483
  9. I’m able to read multiple books at one time and keep track of what plot belongs to what book, characters, setting, etc.
  10. When I get into a slump, I get into one HARD and it’s really hard for me to pull myself back out unless I read an amazingly awesome book.
  11. RE: slumps: The last book to pull me out of my really bad slump last year was The Raven Boys by Maggie Steifvater. Love that book and series!
  12. My favorite genre is fantasy – both adult and YA.
  13. My least favorite is non-fiction. Unless there’s something to draw me in, I don’t really have an interest in non-fiction books.
  14. I’ve never read a horror book before, or a mystery book… Actually, does Children of the Corn count? That was creepy AF.
  15. I remember borrowing a book in second grade from my teacher and I never gave it back. Whoops.
  16. The first comic book series I’ve read is Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples. And it’s AMAZING.
  17. I love bags. Like, you know how lots of girls love shoes? Yeah, I’m a bag lady. Some of my favorite purses or totes that I’ve gotten were from Barnes & Noble.
  18. I’ve gone into Barnes & Noble so much that at one point an employee recognized me every time and would greet me and talk to me and stuff. It was really nice before she left!
  19. I’ve got to say it: as much as I know The Lord of the Rings is a classic (literally and figuratively), I’m not really interested in reading it just from knowing JRR Tolkien’s style of writing. I’ve read the first four chapter of the first book and it took that long to get the journey started. It was long winded and just not my taste. *ducks and covers from TLotR/JRR Tolkien fans*
  20. I started Booktube before starting my blog – I think it was almost a week difference.
  21. I want to someday have a library of books. But, of course, what book lover doesn’t? And by library, I mean like five bookcases or more just full of books. My husband said he’d build me one when we have our own house and I’m holding him to it.
  22. The first audiobook I listened to was The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson and it sparked my love for the trilogy – so amazing! The narrators did really well with the characters and pronunciations and it was just awesome.
  23. I have library cards to three libraries from each town I’ve lived in and I’ve made bare minimum appearances there… Like, I’ve been to two of the three once and the other a small handful of times. It’s not that I don’t like libraries, I just like owning my books so I don’t have to worry about returning them on time.
  24. I’ve buddy read with my husband before, but he reads at such a faster pace than me that we kind of gave up.
  25. I hate DNFing books. I’ve done it twice, but I think I’m going to pick them up again to give them another try.

There you have it! Twenty-five bookish facts about me. I felt like there should have been more, but I really struggled to come up with twenty-five.

Tell me a few bookish facts about you! I’d love to hear it.

Accompanying video: 25 Bookish Facts About Me