Beautiful Covers: Purple

Hey peeps, welcome to another Beautiful Covers! I’m working my way through the rainbow, so check out the rest of the colors when they come out over the next several weeks!

Today’s color is: purple!

Purple has often been a symbol of royalty and high class, and I just love it for the richness of the color. It’s a very beautiful, calming color and I think that these book covers truly exemplify that beauty.

1 . Their Fractured Light by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner


This was probably my favorite book in the trilogy, and it probably has the most beautiful cover in the trilogy, in my opinion. I love the purple of Sofia’s dress and how she has a pink glow around her. She stands out against the dark purple sky, and then Gideon beside her? I just love this cover all around!

2. Cress by Marissa Meyer


I’ll admit that the Lunar Chronicles covers are some of the most gorgeous around, but if I had to pick a favorite I think it would be Cress. I love seeing Rapunzel’s hair (I know her name is Cress in the book, but she’s based off of the fairy tale, so yeah) and I love how the purple is always in the background of these books. I think that this is a beautiful cover because it looks like a painting from the Renaissance era.

3. Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley


Okay, if you had this book in your hands and had it reflect toward the light, you would see that that giant expanse of sky around the feather reflects purple, SO, I’m not cheating. This cover is simply stunning on many levels. Not only does the bottom look like a photograph, but the feather on the front with how it breaks into birds is breathtaking.

4. The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa


Again, these covers are some of my favorites because of the thorny swirly outline around the perimeter of the book. I think that the model is also very lovely and that the colors really compliment her. The colors on this one are a lavender kind of color and I think that it’s simply beautiful in person.

5. Fracture Me by Tahereh Mafi


This is arguably my favorite of all the covers for the Shatter Me trilogy and novellas. I LOVE the feather texture and look of the eyelashes, the colors of purple, gray, and blue as they all blend together and away from one another, the puffs of stars, the sheet loveliness of the typography. This whole cover is gorgeous from top to bottom!

Guys, I can’t even with this color this week. These covers are all SO GORGEOUS. Ugh. I can’t stand it. I need more purple covers because, surprisingly, I don’t own, nor have I read, many with lovely purple covers.

What do you think of my selections this week? What book covers that are primarily purple do you consider beautiful? Let me know!

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