Did you know that most towns and cities across the United States has a library? I think libraries are a wonderful place for any reader to be able to go to because not only do you get to rent out books for free, but you can also donate books you don’t want anymore to the library and let others have a chance to read them, there are sometimes events that go on especially for younger kids if you have children, and it’s just a relaxing place to be if you need somewhere to get away for a while.

I recently got a library card from my local library (my third library card since I was little) and I am just so excited to be able to use one again! I don’t often go, but sometimes it’s just nice to be able to look to see if they have a book I’m interested in and if I want to add a book to my personal collection or not after reading it.

Yes, sometimes it’s really all about the luck of the draw. Sometimes you get really old, musty books that have been sitting on the shelves for years, but other times you get books that are relatively new and it’s almost like you can imagine that you got them yourself. But I think another great thing about libraries is that you can find older editions of books that may otherwise not be in print anymore. It’s essentially a gold mine for readers!

But not only do libraries have books for enjoyment (gasp!), many also have reference sources, computers, Inter-library loans, and more to help students study. Plus, you know, the librarians are usually a big help, too, if you ever need to find anything. So if you’re a student doing a research paper, don’t just hop onto the Internet and hope for the best. Go to a library and try to find physical copies of books that will help you in your research.

I think libraries are a wonderful place for those of us who love to read, or who just need an escape from the noise and troubles of everyday life to go to someplace calm such as that.

What are your thoughts on libraries? Do you often rent books from them? How many at a time? Would you recommend it to a friend or family member to give libraries a go? Let me know!

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