Introducing Writing on Reading Blog

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and since I shut down my other blog that I used for writing for over a year a year or two ago, I figured that I’d reintroduce some writing back into my blogging world and just talk about it from time to time.

So, let me just give a little background into why I want to introduce writing to my book blog, why writing is important to me, and just my overall experiences and plans moving forward and stuff.

If you read my last post on readers wanting to be authors, I talked very briefly about how I would like to be an author one day. And it’s true – I’d love to be able to put my own stories out there for the world to read. Of course, that’s going to take time (and obviously a written story, first), but there’s also the journey to writing, through writing, and ending in writing.

So why do I want to introduce writing to my reading blog? Because without writing, how would we have these glorious books that we read? Also, because I don’t want to have two separate blogs for my passions, especially when they’re so similar to one another. And because it was the major I graduated with in college and I really want to put it to good use. I think that just talking about my own experiences with writing from time can time may also inspire others; who knows?

Yes, I may be “Reader Rayna,” but I’m also a writer. I’ve been writing since I was a kid, and long story writing since I was eleven, so incorporating my writing life here just seems, well, natural to me. To have an outlet to express oneself is such an important thing, and one for me is definitely writing. So I want to share not only my experiences and progress with you all, but I want to give advice while also receiving it.

So from here on expect some sporadic writing posts just talking about my progress – if any – with my writing, posts of encouragement, writing prompts, discussions, etc. I don’t know how often it’ll be, but here’s the first of many to come!

Are you a writer? What do you think about incorporating writing with reading in blogs? Any advice? Any thoughts/opinions/concerns? Let me know!

5 thoughts on “Introducing Writing on Reading Blog

  1. I also love writing and have considered posing my stuff on my blog, but I’m afraid of someone taking my idea or having copyright issues and stuff like that. I was thinking about posting on Wattpad, but I really don’t know… Excited to read your stuff though!


      • Oh ok. I see. I think you can still get published if u post it on a website can’t you? It’s not self publishing. I think Sarah J. Maas did it. I don’t know… I’ve been trying to decide what to do for over a month now! Anyways, I could really use the advice so I’m excited!!

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