Acclimating to Some Changes

Hey guys, I just wanted to give a quick life update because, well, I feel I should let you know what’s going on and why I’ve been kind of quiet on my blog lately, plus some changes I’ve been implementing to my blog (not that it was entirely noticeable, but you know).


At about mid-June I started my new full-time job as a bank teller. I love the job so far (much more than my previous part time job as a cashier at a grocery store, which I’m still doing for now on weekends) and so I’ve been getting used to the long hours each week.

With that said, I’ve felt drained a lot lately. I’m so used to working at sporadic times from my other job that having a steady schedule is new, but glorious territory for me. I’m finding that I’m getting used to the time frames and enjoying what I do more because of the different atmosphere and all that. But I am still tired, meaning I haven’t been reading as much lately.

I feel like a large part of my days have vanished since starting the new job, but at the same time I really haven’t lost much. I’m just trying to get acclimated to my job, which means getting used to a new reading schedule, which I think is the hard part.

What does this mean for you guys? Just that I might not be posting as often as I’ve been trying to before or putting up reviews as much as I was before. I’m still trying to read as many books as I can and want to each month, but it’s slowed down for now while I get used to this new routine.

Plus I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIII on my husband’s computer a lot lately, so… distractions. Distractions everywhere.


As far as changes with the blog go, I did have a schedule I had been trying to stick to for about five or so months now, but I’ve decided to essentially say screw it and post what I want when I want.

Before, my schedule was like this:

  • Monday: Review day
  • Tuesday: Top 10 Tuesday
  • Wednesday: Top 5 Wednesday
  • Thursday: Review day
  • Friday: Discussion
  • Saturday: Free day
  • Sunday: Free day

Plus days dedicated to wrap-ups and other monthly posts.

I tried to stick to that each week and not veer out of that routine. I thought it was going well, but if I was excited for a discussion topic, or if I wanted a review up right then, I restricted myself to only the days I allotted and didn’t really budge.

And then I thought, why am I doing that? Post whatever you like when you want to.

So here’s my new schedule:

  • Monday: Review day/discussion
  • Tuesday: Top 10 Tuesday/discussion/review
  • Wednesday: Top 5 Wednesday/discussion/review
  • Thursday: Review day
  • Friday: Discussion
  • Saturday: Free day
  • Sunday: Free day

By allowing myself the freedom to host a discussion or review on more than just one or two days I’ve given myself more breathing room.

Free days allow me to post what I want or if I post at all. And then sometimes I don’t feel up to doing the memes like Top 10 Tuesday or T5W. So my weeks vary.

By giving myself more breathing room I’ve felt that I’ve been able to open up more and put out more content for you guys to see. I think that was a big part of why I did what I did and how I did it.

So yeah, those are the two big things going on with the blog and my life right now. I’m not giving up on reading by any means, I’m just slowing down for a bit while I get used to my new lifestyle.

I know this was kind of an “out of the blue” post, but I think you guys deserve to know what’s going on and any changes I may make regarding the blog. Thanks for being awesome!

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