Themeathon Week One Begins!

Welcome to week one of Themeathon! I know I should’ve mentioned this 5ever ago, but Themeathon started at midnight your time, so it should have started for everyone by now!

As it’s the first day, let me just give a reminder for this week’s duration, theme, mini-challenges, and Twitter sprint!

July 1-8

Theme: Daring Hero/ine


  • Read a book with multiple points of view (two people or more). Example: These Broken Stars.
  • A book that’s between 350-400 pages.
  • A book that isn’t a novel (such as a memoir or non-fiction story).

Twitter Sprint:

Just remember to have fun and that the only “requirement” is to read one book per week. That’s it! Don’t feel obligated to complete the challenges or read more than you’re able to. But do try to keep to the theme!

What I’m reading this week:

rebelspringRebel Spring” by Morgan Rhodes

How does this fit the theme?

This book follows four individuals whose lives intertwine in more ways than one. Each has their own challenges, trials, and inner demons to face, but there’s one, maybe two, characters whom I feel fit the daring hero/ine theme. You’ll find out who when I do my wrap-up for the week.

Does it complete any of the mini-challenges?

Yes! It fulfills the multiple point of view challenge!

What are you reading for your first week of Themeathon? Are you reading more than one book and going to try to complete the mini-challenges? Who’s your daring hero/ine? Let me know!

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