Top Ten Tuesday: BookTubers!

So this week on Top Ten Tuesday it was a freebie choice, which means we got to pick whatever we wanted to talk about this week and I decided to list my top ten booktubers! What’s a booktuber? Pretty much a YouTuber who discusses books on YouTube.

1. Catriona of LittleBookOwl – She’s from Australia and she was one of the first people I found doing Booktube. She’s funny and adorable and I love her accent. She tends to read a lot of quirky books and makes some good informational videos sometimes, too.

2. Lainey of gingerreadslainey – She’s one of the hosts for Top 5 Wednesday and she’s very honest about what books she does and doesn’t like. Her videos are short and concise and I love how she formats them and talks like she would in person.

3. Jesse of JessetheReader – He’s also one of the first I found when I started looking at Booktube and he is super funny! He always acts awkwardly, but in a good way, and he makes great content and videos.

4. Raeleen of padfootandprongs07 – She’s from Canada! She’s super silly and she reads a lot of different kinds of books. She discusses a lot of different topics and is one of those people who’s super fun to watch.

5. Christine of polandbananasbooks – Can you say energy? This girl never stops bouncing from one side to the other in her videos. She’s so humorous and does a lot of original and funny videos and she’s just a hoot. I love her booktalks and how in depth she goes with the books she talks about.

6. Dylan of bookswithDylan – He’s from Australia and he does a lot of short videos. He definitely knows how to utilize camera angles and lighting. He’s silly and I love it when he does cut scenes of himself in some videos.

7. Sasha of abookutopia – She’s one that does a video almost every day. She ranges from books to book-to-movie/TV show adaptation talks and a large variety of videos. She’s entertaining and I enjoy watching her videos.

8. Ben of Benjaminoftomes – He’s from England and I love his accent. He produces videos frequently and he does a lot of original content as well, creating monthly or weekly types of videos that benefit not only himself, but other readers as well.

9. Max of WellDoneBooks – He focuses more on the literary side of books and he’s very concise with his reviews of books. He definitely doesn’t hold back if he didn’t like a book, but he’s not mean about it, just critical.

10. Reagan of PeruseProject – She posts a lot of different kinds of videos and has a way of talking that just makes you smile and laugh. I enjoy watching her videos and what she thinks about books. Historical fiction is her thing.

And this list doesn’t even encompass all of my favorites! There’s still so many more I could list.

Now I know the majority, if not all, are popular booktubers, but they worked long and hard to get to where they are and I look up to them as I’m still relatively new to booktubing myself. I enjoy their content, reviews, and personalities when they do videos.

Who are some of your favorite Booktubers? Do you do booktube? If so, leave me a link to your channel! If you don’t booktube or have never heard of it, would you consider checking them out? Let me know!

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: BookTubers!

  1. I LOVE BOOKTUBE! I actually tried to make a channel and failed horribly… but that’s why I made a blog! Just followed your blog, your posts seem really interesting and our book tastes are pretty similar. You’ve actually read a whole bunch of books on my TBR. I can’t wait until I read them and get to compare with your reviews!


    • I have my own booktube channel where I’m almost at 100 subscribers, so it takes time, you know? (I’ve been at it for almost a year now!) And I’m glad you’re following! Thank you so much! c: I’ll be sure to check your blog out.

      Liked by 1 person

      • WOW THATS AMAZING! I switched to blogging because I felt better when I could go back and edit a million times. Also because I love writing and even though it’s not REALLY quality writing it’s still fun. I’ll be sure to check out your channel! But not right now because I have to be awake in 5 hours. 😂😂😂


      • Hahaha, thanks! I totally understand. I set up my blog shortly after I started booktube because it’s always been easier for me to speak my mind in written words than verbal words, you know? And thank you! Have a good night!

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  2. Catriona, Reagan and Joel are my favourite book tubers…
    The reason I have a youtube account are these and a lot of other people across the booktube community I really love to see..
    Also, I follow your channel too!


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