Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Really Want to Meet

Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday! Today’s topic is top ten authors you REALLY want to meet. Like, seriously, you’d do almost anything to meet them.

1. Sarah J Maas. Okay, I know, it’s becoming almost predictable at this point. But really, I hear how awesome and sweet and funny she is and real life and I’d really just love to meet her and thank her for writing such amazing books.

2. Cassandra Clare. She’s written some fantastic books that many people love and I am one of those people. Her writing inspires me and I’d love to be able to thank her for it.

3. J.K. Rowling. I figure I’d want to talk to the woman who brought such an inspiring and engaging series to the world and how her process went and just talk to her about it. I know she’s done a bunch of interviews and stuff explaining it, but I’d want a more personal conversation about it, you know?

4. Rainbow Rowell. I love her books and the subtle yet significant romances she writes and I’d love to discuss her process and thoughts behind them all. And just overall bookish things and other things in general.

5. Neil Gaiman. I’d love to meet him and talk just about anything with him. He seems like he has a lot of insight on many things and I’d love to hear his opinions on a variety of topics.

6. Mary E. Pearson. She seems like such a nice person and I’d just love to meet her and have tea with her or something.

7. Laini Taylor. She seems quirky and silly and I’d love to talk with her on how she writes and how she came up with the stories she’s told and just have a good time, you know?

8. George R.R. Martin. Yup, I’d want to meet him and ask him why he likes to kill off every character ever. But I’d also want to discuss fantasy worlds and politics and how might different worlds run and flourish and stuff like that.

9. Becky Albertalli. I’d want to talk about how she came up with her story and how her past experiences helped her to write it and if it was based off of anyone she knew. And snack on Oreos. Yes.

10. Garth Nix. I haven’t even read his books yet, but I want to meet him because he seems so snarky and funny. His books are kind of the grandfather of modern YA fantasy, so it would be cool to discuss where he came up with the idea and how he feels having written it and stuff like that.

Who are some of your top authors you’d love to meet? Let me know!

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