The Heir Book Review


Title: The Heir
Author: Kiera Cass
Series: Book #4 in the Selection series
Publisher: HarperTeen – an imprint of HarperCollins
Publication Date: May 5, 2015
Genres: Young Adult – Dystopian, Romance
Pages: 352
Format: Purchased Hardcover

“The Heir” by Kiera Cass is the story of Princess Eadlyn, the heir to Illea’s throne. She was the first child born – seven minutes separating her and her brother from switching positions – and she feels she is one of the most powerful people in the world. But there is unrest in Illea even though the castes have been done away with and it’s really starting to take a toll on her father, King Maxon. So her parents come up with the idea to host another Selection – one for Eadlyn – and she’s hesitant to do it at first, not wanting to fall in love with anyone and wanting to do everything herself. But she agrees to it with some conditions and is soon thrust into her own Selection.

This book was definitely different from America’s story. I thought it was interesting to see how Eadlyn didn’t want to do it and how there were conditions and everything, but as it kept going I just kept thinking, “Why are you being so… frustrating?”

Hey, I’m all for women power and doing things on their own, but man I found the way Eadlyn to do it extremely frustrating.

So, let me talk about some of the characters:

Eadlyn, being in the place for the heir of Illea, has a lot pressure put on her to learn policies and diplomacy and many other things a queen would have to learn to do when she ascends the throne. So she’s kind of a workaholic in a way, wanting to focus more on work than building relationships. When the Selection was initially presented to her, she acted childish and threw a bit of a tantrum. Many times throughout the book I found her to be frustrating, manipulative, and selfish. During the times she let her guard down and become vulnerable were the times I actually enjoyed reading. The fact that she had a wall up – and realized it – was frustrating, yes, but the fact that she didn’t do anything about it was probably the most frustrating of all. She’d realize that she’d let too much slip or someone would ask the wrong question and she’d clam up, instantly shunning them. I didn’t think it was right, in a way. But she is the future queen and sees herself as above others. At least, that’s the impression I got from her.

Ahren, her twin brother, was much more likable and I kind of wanted to see more of him throughout the book. He was funny and charismatic, much like his father, Maxon. Maybe that’s why I liked him more. He cares for Eadlyn deeply and would do anything for her, but even he has his limits.

Maxon and America are different from their stories because they’ve grown up and matured and it’s nice to see how they have matured in their own ways. I definitely felt motherly affection from America and the strain of ruling from Maxon.

Some of the suitors whom I love and hope will make it to the end:

  • Kile: he’s lived in the palace his whole life as Marlee’s son, and he and Eadlyn have been at each other’s throats for just as long. But once he became a suitor and they started opening up to each other, I was rooting for him.
  • Henri: his first language is Finnish, so he has to have a translator – Erik – around him in order to help communicate. But he’s super sweet and nice and caring and he makes me smile.
  • Hale: he’s just so polite and kind and I love him to bits. He says he’s going to prove to Eadlyn every day something new to win her over, and he does do something everyday to try to show her what she means to him.
  • Fox: he was kind of in the background through most of the book, but I think that they shared a great moment and I think he’s actually really kind (he kind of reminds me of the situations America came from).

The others I don’t really care about, sorry to say. But it’ll obviously get down to a few of them, and I’m hoping she picks well (though I think I know who will be picked).

The plot was similar to the original trilogy, but it was different in how staged a lot of it was and how Eadlyn was doing it just to comply and make her parents and people happy. When things continually go wrong and she sees the errors, but dismisses them, I’m glad that someone does eventually kind of make an obvious statement, but… then she kind of brushes that off too. She’s just really frustrating and doesn’t really reflect on herself and her actions.

Anyway, yes, I do recommend this if you’ve read the Selection trilogy. It’s a good continuation and yes, I am looking forward to the next book despite all of the frustrating moments in this one.

I rated this book 3.5/5 stars.

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