Auto-Buy Authors

I got this idea from Raeleen over at padfootandprongs07, and I just had to chime in with my own picks.

We all have our own favorite authors whose works delve into our souls and make a home there. Some authors more than others, and even though we may not like all of their works, we still manage to buy every single thing that they put out.

These are auto-buy authors.

Of course I have mine, too, but I didn’t really realize they were auto-buy authors until I saw Raeleen’s video.

So, let me go over some of the authors whose books I get no matter what.

  • Sarah J Maas – I love her books so much! If you haven’t been around my blog to figure that out by now, then where have you been? Her writing is fun and engaging, drawing the reader in to the world around her/him. Maas writes fantastic worlds and stories with unforgettable characters who are relatable and oh so fun. I currently own four books, including a novella bind-up, by her.
  • Kiera Cass – When I discovered the Selection series, I wasn’t sure that I was going to like it at all. But once I got into it I was sucked in by the romance and wonder of it all. Seriously, I really loved the trilogy as a whole, and I even got all of the novellas of the series that are out thus far. I currently own six of her books, three of which are novellas, with one novella on pre-order.
  • Cassandra Clare – I. Love. Her. Writing. Seriously, her writing style is beautiful and awesome and very engaging, bringing the reader in to the story where we get to know the characters, their problems, and how they try to figure it all out. Clare is one of those writers whose writing and books I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of. She’s definitely an author I look up to as a writer myself. I currently own twelve books written (and coauthored) by her, including novellas.
  • Laini Taylor – I fell in love with her writing upon reading “Daughter of Smoke & Bone” and how she is able to make a story and characters that touch my heart in so many ways. She has a great writing style and the way she weaves her story is one that truly is magnificent. I currently own two books by her (and I’ll be getting the third soon).
  • Neil Gaiman – He is a fantastic writer who has had many years working on the craft. I love, love, love his writing and how his voice as an author is so strong. He’s great at writing fantastically twisted stories with characters that you either hate or love, but that’s really the beauty of his writing. I really want to delve into more works of his for sure. I currently own four books by him.

So though there are only five authors on here, those are really the authors that I feel deserve these spots on this list as of this current moment. As I continue to read more and experience more authors’ works, I’m sure that that’ll change and expand. I love these authors so very much, and if I ever had the chance to meet them in person I’m sure I’d thank them profusely for creating works that have not only inspired my own writing, but for showing me that there are so many wonderful possibilities out there to imagine.

Accompanying video: Auto-Buy Authors

Who are some of your auto-buy authors? Let me know!

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