Letting Reviews Affect What You Read

Okay, so I’m currently reading some books, right? I mean, I wouldn’t have this blog if I wasn’t, but I’m trying to red some books. I do a TBR every month, try to get through those, but sometimes I just can’t. And it’s not any one particular person’s fault other than my own.

But when I watch or read reviews (as non-spoilery as possible) before I even start a book, I put expectations on said book.

It’s seriously a problem and I’m getting really frustrated about it.

I’m currently reading “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard and this book has been hyped up through the wazoo for the past few months (the cover! The world! The plot! OMG! is essentially all I’ve heard.) and so of course I’ve seen or heard from several people whom I respect as fellow book bloggers/vloggers that have done reviews on the book.

And their words are sticking with me as I go and it’s driving me crazy.

Now some of these people absolutely LOVED this book. Like, it was one of the best books they’ve read so far this year. And that’s great for them, really, it is. And then there are others that say it was okay, that it was eh, and that it reminded them too much of other books. Those opinions are perfectly valid, too.

And I seem to be thinking of all of the opinions of every person I’ve watched has made as I’m reading through it making it hard to clear my mind of everyone else’s thoughts but my own.

I’m pretty sure I’ve projected those same feelings onto others books I’ve tried reading but couldn’t get through. And it’s not fair on me as a reader to be doing this to myself.

Then I think, “Well, why aren’t I loving this?” “Yeah, I guess it is kind of reminiscent of ____.” “Oh, yeah, I wonder how this romance is going to happen.” And the list goes on.

So pretty much my question for you lovely readers out there is this: how do you separate the voices of others and focus on the voice of yourself?

I’m having a lot of trouble, guys, and I want to enjoy the book for what it is rather than not enjoy it for what everyone else thinks it is. You know?


(P.S. This doesn’t just go for this one book in particular, as I’ve stated above. There are a couple other books I’ve read in which others’ opinions cloud my own judgement and enjoyment of the book. This just happens to be what I’m currently reading, therefore it’s at the forefront of my mind.”

2 thoughts on “Letting Reviews Affect What You Read

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