Discussion: Genre & Expanding Horizons

Reading is a great thing to do. It’s a great way to escape reality when it’s getting you down, or when you’re bored and need something to do, or even just because you love it; reading is important.

But when it comes to reading, do you ever just gravitate toward a certain genre or certain section of the bookstore and avoid all the others because you know you won’t be disappointed by the genre you have come to know and love?

You’re not alone.

Many people find that reading books from a genre where the majority of their favorites have come from is the be all end all of books. But there’s so much, much more out there.

That’s not to say that reading something in your preferred genre is a bad thing, oh no, quite the opposite. If you love a book simply because of the genre it’s in, then that’s great. Keep reading from that genre. But that’s also not to say that expanding your horizons isn’t going to benefit you, either.

By branching out and reading books from different genres you will discover a whole other world of books, fandoms, and more. You might find that there are some books that are relatable to your current situation, or you might find the subject matter interesting.

On BookTube (it’s YouTube, but book centered), there are many people who love the YA genre of books. I’m not saying that I don’t love YA – it’s my preferred reading area – but that shouldn’t be all you’re limited to in terms of what you read. There are several people who are big into YA that have admitted to reading adult literature or manga or some other form of book that wasn’t YA simply for a change of pace.

And that’s great.

There’s nothing wrong with expanding your horizons. If you’re someone who prefers to read YA, but can’t stand mystery, then stay away from mystery books and branch out to sci-fi or horror. If you’re someone who loves manga, but can’t stand romance, then go for some action-packed books in the sci-fi section or the literature section.

There are so many books out there and there are many, many genre in which you can branch out to – all you have to do is find it. Just remember: what you read, and what you love, are totally and completely valid. But it doesn’t hurt to explore every now and again, right?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below or in my video, I’d love to hear what you think on the topic.

Accompanying video: On Genre & Expanding Horizons

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