Love-a-thon Bookshelf Challenge


Hey peeps! More fun things are happening with Love-a-thon, including a Bookshelf Challenge! This challenge was a super fun one and it was mainly for those who have their own Booktube channels. As I have one, I decided to do this challenge!

Check out my challenge below because I found it pretty awesome and hilarious:

The challenges for this were:

Apart from that, we’re doing a BookTube tag challenge called the Love-A-Thon Bookshelf Challenge! You’ll need to pick books based on the color of their spines as listed below, and then follow the prompts – all in your video. Don’t forget to use the #LoveAThon hashtag!

RED: Flip to page 119, and find the first line of the third paragraph. This line is the first sentence of a book about you.

ORANGE: Flip to page 3. The first name you see when you crack open the book is your book BFF.

YELLOW: Flip to page 185. The first body part mentioned is where your superpower is.

GREEN: Flip to page 238. The first place mentioned is where your book is set.

BLUE: Flip to page 45. The first name you see when you crack open the book is your book boyfriend/girlfriend.

PURPLE: Flip to page 77. The first adjective used describes your book boyfriend.

PINK: Flip to page 94. The first name you see is your fictional nemesis.

BROWN: Flip to page 216. The first object you see is your weapon of choice.

BLACK: Flip to pages 198, 228 & 146, and find one name on each page. These people will be your apocalypse squad.

WHITE: Flip to page 28, and find the second sentence of the fifth paragraph. This is the last thing you will ever say in your book. (Or is it?)

Not only that, but there are also three hosts on YouTube to help out around that platform:

Go check out their videos and channels when you have the chance!

Who would your book boyfriend/girlfriend be? What about your apocalypse squad? Follow the rules above and let me know!

Hosts: Alexa, Cee, Hazel, Mel

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