What is a TBR box you ask? Well, technically, it’s supposed to be a TBR jar, but I didn’t have a jar handy so I’m using a small box instead. (It actually doesn’t really matter what type of container you use.)

So, pretty much, a TBR (To Be Read) jar holds slips of paper with book titles on your shelf. Just cut slips of paper long enough and small enough to write titles of books and their authors on it, fold them in half, place them in the container, and when you’re reading to start on your TBR list, choose a slip at random (make sure they’re mixed well together) and voila! You have your book!

It’s a really simple, fun way to get that giant list down to nothing in no time!

Unless, of course, you do book hauls in between reads.

So, when I did my TBR box, I ended up pulling “This Star Won’t Go Out” by Esther Earl, introduction by John Green. I’ve been wanting to read the book since I heard about it and the inspiration it held for John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars,” so I’m really excited that I pulled it first out of my TBR.

My TBR box has many slips of paper, including series, so when I pull a series I’ll read the full series before I move on to individual reads (as long as the first book holds my interest). This doesn’t mean I won’t get more books before then, but they’ll just be added to the TBR.

Accompanying video: TBR Box (Jar)

Anyway, let me know if you have or are going to make a TBR jar! What’s your first pick from it?

2 thoughts on “TBR Box

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