Writing Slumps & How Much They Suck

Well, it’s pretty much the last week of NaNoWriMo and I only wrote a few times during the first week. Pretty much: I gave up. It’s not that I didn’t like what I was writing because I worked on this story earlier in the year, it’s just I’m so drained of energy after working 8-10 hours that I have no oomph to think about writing.

I find that slumps in general just suck. I’m in a huge reading and writing slump and it makes me sad because I absolutely loved doing both at the beginning of the year before I started my full time job; now it just kind of feels like a chore to do either.

But since I already talked about reading slumps and how much they suck, let me talk today about writing slumps and how annoying they can be.

When you’re writing a story, at least from my experience, you become engulfed in that world and you want to know more about your own characters, the world in which they live, how society, magic, whatever works in that world. I know when I was writing this story back in March or April, I was so in love with it. I was on a roll and I managed to reach my goal of 50,000 words written – it was awesome!

And then soon after that, after Camp NaNoWriMo ended, I slowed down to the point I stopped writing. It’s not that I didn’t want to continue my story – I knew where I wanted it to go, what plot points I wanted to add, etc – but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it since I didn’t have a word goal to work toward anymore.

I think that for me, I need that word count goal to work toward. So you’d think that with NaNoWriMo I’d be totally set, right? Well, I hadn’t written for so long at that point that writing was 1) refreshing, but 2) was also a pain. I had to pick up where I left off, and I wasn’t super happy with what I had written and I didn’t want to rewrite until I reach the editing stage.

Unfortunately that means that I’ve put off actually completing much of any writing for this month. I wrote over 5,000 words for this NaNoWriMo, which is awesome, but it still wasn’t enough for me to be happy with.

I think that part of the problem is my job, as I’ve stated, but it’s also just me. I’ve become incredibly lazy when it comes to my passions and that alone scares me. It’s incredibly hard for me to focus on what I’m reading lately, and I think that’s translating over to my writing.

Nowadays I just want to sit on YouTube all day and watch videos, or listen to music, or watch Netflix. It’s so frustrating and it upsets me, but I also don’t do much to change it.

So what about getting out of a slump? What about getting out of a writing slump and pushing through to finish the story?

Well, I’m going to seriously look at what’s important to me and try to figure out some sort of schedule or something to work for me.

What about you? If you’re a writer, do you feel like you get stuck often, or do you just chug through to the end? Let me know!

Introducing Writing on Reading Blog

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and since I shut down my other blog that I used for writing for over a year a year or two ago, I figured that I’d reintroduce some writing back into my blogging world and just talk about it from time to time.

So, let me just give a little background into why I want to introduce writing to my book blog, why writing is important to me, and just my overall experiences and plans moving forward and stuff.

If you read my last post on readers wanting to be authors, I talked very briefly about how I would like to be an author one day. And it’s true – I’d love to be able to put my own stories out there for the world to read. Of course, that’s going to take time (and obviously a written story, first), but there’s also the journey to writing, through writing, and ending in writing.

So why do I want to introduce writing to my reading blog? Because without writing, how would we have these glorious books that we read? Also, because I don’t want to have two separate blogs for my passions, especially when they’re so similar to one another. And because it was the major I graduated with in college and I really want to put it to good use. I think that just talking about my own experiences with writing from time can time may also inspire others; who knows?

Yes, I may be “Reader Rayna,” but I’m also a writer. I’ve been writing since I was a kid, and long story writing since I was eleven, so incorporating my writing life here just seems, well, natural to me. To have an outlet to express oneself is such an important thing, and one for me is definitely writing. So I want to share not only my experiences and progress with you all, but I want to give advice while also receiving it.

So from here on expect some sporadic writing posts just talking about my progress – if any – with my writing, posts of encouragement, writing prompts, discussions, etc. I don’t know how often it’ll be, but here’s the first of many to come!

Are you a writer? What do you think about incorporating writing with reading in blogs? Any advice? Any thoughts/opinions/concerns? Let me know!

NaNaWriMo 2014 Revision Plans

I never posted this here initially, or really kept up with updates, but I did win NaNoWriMo this year with over 50k words (50,281 to be exact)! I’m very proud of myself as I won on day 29, and I wrote my butt off to catch up when I fell behind.

If you want to read a synopsis and excerpt from my novel, you can go check out my page.

So let me talk about my revision plans. I’ve got a lot of them planned, I’m just not going to get them started until the new year because my brain needs time to recuperate after all that writing and other busy things going on, plus my husband and I are going on a honeymoon to Disney World over Christmas, so… I have no time to think about my story.

Anyway, now that I’ve rambled, let me get on with my revision plans:

  • I’m going to rewrite the entire novel in first person point of view present tense from the perspective of my main female character, Dahlia, whom I connected with much more than my main guy character, Jake.
  • After that second draft (since my first NaNo draft is… my first draft) I’m going to polish it up and have several people who were interested in reading it read it.
  • Upon feedback from them, I will revise more and start looking for/querying potential literary agents who might be able to help me get my book published.
  • Yes, my ultimate goal is to get my work published, and I do love the story very much and I believe it would be a great debut novel (at least I hope). That doesn’t mean that I’m not going to grow in my writing from doing multiple drafts or anything of the like. As many people say, it’s not about getting published, it’s about the writing process.
    • What I’ve learned from it is that I missed writing. I missed being creative and spewing out as much as possible to create a feasible, entertaining story.

So my revision plans are pretty standard, I think, for any aspiring writer. I love my story and want to share it with the world. I have many other story ideas and writing plans, I just need to implement them and begin writing. No one’s going to tell those stories but me, so I may as well get on it, right?

Did you participate in NaNo this year? How did you do? What are your revision plans, if any? Let me know in the comments below!