Shoutouts (Part 2)

Hey guys! I’m here with another round of shoutouts where I give some people that I follow on various platforms some recognition because, well, they’re awesome! Definitely check them out when you have a chance. Also check out my first round of shoutouts to see other awesome book people.


AlexaLovesBooks – I recently started following her a few weeks ago and I love her content! She’s very thorough and concise when it comes to reviews and she talks about a lot of interesting topics. To top it off, she also cohosts various events, such as Love-a-thon and Flights of Fantasy. Definitely give her a look if you haven’t already!


books-cupcakes – I’ve been following her for a while now and I love the content she puts out. She reblogs a lot of beautiful pictures, but she also has a lot of great original content, too, such as the Book Photo Challenge. It’s a fun event and she always keeps pretty positive whenever she talks about things. She also has a shop on Red Bubble, which I’ve purchased from before and I love her designs!


ThoughtsonTomes – I’ve been following Sam for a while, probably a year now, and I love love love her content! She’s always so talkative and thorough in many of the subjects she talks about. She makes me laugh and smile and I think that’s really important when it comes to Booktube: connecting with the audience. Definitely check her out because she’s just a great person.


Tris_has_a_nook – I recently (as in the last week) followed her and her content is so cute! I love seeing books on bookstagram and how people are so creative when it comes to pictures and she is no exception! She also has lot of pictures of her cat and her and her boyfriend, which are just as equally adorable. Check her out!

And there you go! Some awesome people who talk about books. Definitely check each of them out because each of their content is great.

As I’ve said before, I’ll try to do these shoutouts every now and then to recognize some awesome book people across the book community on multiple platforms.

If you have any suggestions for shoutouts, please let me know!

Shoutouts (Part 1)

Hey peeps. So, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I figured that I’m just going to jump right in and do it, and that is this: giving shoutouts to some awesome book bloggers/tubers/bookstagrammers/booklrs/etc. I feel like we don’t give each other enough credit, or we do only on the platform we use, so I want to reach out and share some of my favorite peeps and their content.

So, without further ado, I’ll list one person per category this time around and probably add more the next time I give a shoutout.


ChocolatePages – Not only does Amanda have the best handle ever (chocolaaaaaateeeee), but she also does an assortment of posts, not limiting herself to just book reviews. She also does recipes and giveaways! I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t love to cook up new stuff every now and then? She’s very thoughtful and honest in her reviews and I definitely think you should check her out!


books-and-cookies – Mary is such a sweet girl and I think that she is definitely a great booklr! She posts and reposts a lot of cool pictures and fun things relating to books, plus she has sections where she does book reviews and gives her honest opinion, as well. When she gushes about a book, SHE GUSHES. You can tell when she does or doesn’t like what she reads. Definitely check her out if you’re ever on tumblr! I believe she focuses mostly on YA books, but there is a mix in there!


RonLit – She is very intellectual and very sassy. I love her discussions as there’s a lot she talks about that I don’t normally see around the BookTube world. She does many reviews on classics and books she reads for her master’s classes, but she does mostly discussions on things in literature that can and should be talked about. She brings a fresh, fun take on topics and if you’re looking for someone who’s more on the adult/analytical/sassy side, definitely check her out!


Bookaholic_Banter – She’s a fun person who uploads pictures of what she’s reading, fun pages, giveaways, and more on her profile and ┬áthe way she does them is simple, but it gets right to the point. I enjoy seeing her photos of what she’s reading and maybe it’ll spark my interest into what I might want to read at some point. She does have a main blog, but I follow her on Instagram, soooo there you go.

There you have it! Shoutouts to four lovely ladies and just a snippet of what you can expect to find on their pages/blogs/etc! I hope you check them out and maybe you’ll find something you like.

I’ll try to do these shoutouts every so often as I think it’s important to acknowledge fellow book lovers across the world! I promise to include all or mostly males next time.

Any people you follow that you recommend? Let me know who and which platform and I’ll definitely check them out!