Love-a-thon Mini-Challenge #4: Tea Party


Hey peeps! This is the last mini-challenge for the Loveathon event! Which makes me sad because I have really been enjoying myself. BUT THIS IS NO TIME FOR TEARS.

This mini-challenge is a fun one: It’s time for a tea break! In this post, you’ll share which fictional character, book blogger OR BookTuber OR Bookstagrammer, and author you’d want to have a tea party with and why. Feel free to go above and beyond by including more details about your dream tea party!

Alright, so here’s who I pick for my tea:


  • A small cafe by the sea with long, winding roads, a soft breeze, sea air, sunlight, and overall good feels.
  • The inside of the cafe would be cozy and decorated with arrangements of sea related things: starfish, shells, netting.

We’d all pick a tea that corresponds to our tastes and sit around a table that seats four. We’d all be dressed in a way that makes us comfortable and then the fun conversations could begin. I can honestly see Aelin coming in something over the top, but hey, that’s her style. And, you know, a few daggers.

Kinds of things we’d talk about:

  • Our shared love of books. Honestly, all of us love to read, so this is one conversation none of us would get tired of.
  • Our lives with our husband/significant other. C’mon, you know we all have stories to share about them being a pain in the butt.
  • What kinds of things we like doing at the beach – and then maybe we’d go do one of them afterward.

Honestly, I think this would be a fun, relaxing sort of day. Just a girl’s day out, really, and one in which we’d all get to bond as we drink tea by the sea.

Who would you sit with to have tea? What kinds of conversations do you see yourself having? Let me know!

Hosts: Alexa, Cee, Hazel, Mel

Love-a-thon Mini Challenge #3: Book Spine Poetry


Hey guys! It’s mini-challenge #3 time for Love-a-thon, which is book spine poetry! If you don’t know what that is, it’s pretty much making a poem out of the spines of books.

Here are the ones I came up with:


These broken stars: ignite me.
Unravel me.
S h a t t e r m e.


An ember in the ashes –
catching fire.


Daughter of smoke & bone:
Exquisite captive.
Uprooted, alienated.
None of the above.

What are some of the poems you can come up with with your own books? I’d love to hear them!

Hosts: Alexa, Cee, Hazel, Mel

Love-a-thon Mini-Challenge #2: Bingo!


Hey guys! This is the second mini-challenge for the Love-a-thon and it’s a cool form of bingo! To see how you’re progressing through this fun event, the hosts set up a bingo card and pretty much it works the same as any other bingo game: match the particular event on the card. I’ll be updating as I go and provide evidence of my participation!

Loveathon bingo_stars


 ☆ = Completed


I’ll update these as I go along, but yes! If you want to join in this fun scavenger hunt type of bingo, please do! It’s also a great way to find more of the blogs and people you want to follow from Love-a-thon!

UPDATE: Completed as of 10:00PM EST on Feb 20th!

Have you ever done a bookish bingo before? What kinds of blogs are you finding in your searches? I hope you’re all having fun with this event!

Hosts: Alexa, Cee, Hazel, Mel

Love-a-thon Mini Challenge #1: Mix & Match


Hey guys! This is the first mini challenge for Love-a-thon and it’s all about mixing and matching your other hobbies/passions/interests/talents that are non-bookish and mixing it with the bookish. So I thought that I’d do that by showing off some fanart!

I’ve always loved three things my whole life: reading, writing, and art. I even minored in art in college, if that’s any indication (also because they didn’t offer it as a major). I prefer traditional art styles (aka drawing by hand with paper and pencil) but I also dabble in digital art. I have my own style, and that’s really all that matters, right?

You can view most or all of these works on my deviantART page.

So here’s some fanart of characters from various books:

Akiva & Kaoru from Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor


Grendel from Beowulf


I actually did this one for extra credit for a class I took in college.

The Green Knight from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight


I actually did this one, too, for extra credit in a class I took in college.

Celaena Sardothian from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas


And there you have it! Some of my fanart pieces from various books. I’ll most likely do more fanart in the future so if you’re interested in seeing them when I do that, let me know!

What are some of your hobbies/interests/talents/etc that correspond to your love of books? Share with me photos, blog posts, or whatever else you have so I can check them out, too!

Hosts: Alexa, Cee, Hazel, Mel