Beautiful People: May Edition

Hey peeps! Welcome to another round of Beautiful People! It’s hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up & Further In. If you want to know more about Beautiful People, you can check out the FAQs page here.


This month’s questions are all kind of random and dive in more into characters and some of their inner things that make them who they are.

Today I’m going to be talking about my character Abby, that I introduced when I first started joining in Beautiful People.

Abigail (Abby for short) is a maid in the palace of Travine, and she performs her role well in the eyes of those who need to see it. But when she’s not under scrutiny, she can be kind, stubborn, curious, sensitive, fun, and protective. She has a secret that not even she knows about, and one that she’ll have revealed to her eventually.

  1. How often do they smile? Would they smile at a stranger? Abby would smile at a stranger because, well, it’s partly her job to be pleasant to guests at the palace, but that’s also just her nature. She’s kind hearted and wants those around her to feel loved.
  2. What is the cruelest thing they’ve ever been told? And what was their reaction? I think being accused of killing a prince and princess is kind of high up there. She reacted as one would expect to react: shock and frustration because of her innocence.
  3. What is the kindest thing they’ve ever been told? And what was their reaction? Probably that she has a kind heart by her mother and her best friend, Morgan. She felt warm inside, like something budded in her heart.
  4. What is one strong memory that has stuck with your character from childhood? Why is it so powerful and lasting? The night her mother died, the sky had cried. The blue sky turned to gray clouds and the heavens opened up, drenching everything in sight. The rain lasted for three days, flooding the landscape and the houses of Travine. Abby’s heart ached like it never had before, and she cried along with the sky for those three days. Her mother had been her nurturer, her protector, her best friend, and her whole world. When she died that night, her strength gone and her eyes still smiling at her, Abby had felt a piece of her heart – her soul – breaking. It was a night she would never forget.
  5. What book (a real actual published book!) do you think your character would benefit from reading? I can see her reading and loving The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson. She’d see a lot of herself in Lia and how she wished she could be free of the palace and all it held.
  6. Have they ever been seriously injured? How severely? How did they react? No, I don’t think so.
  7. Do they like and get along with their neighbours? Oh yeah, she can get along with most anyone. She has one of those kinds of personalities where she makes friends easily.
  8. On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being easy and 10 being difficult) how easy are they to get along with? I would say a 3. She’s pretty easy to get along with, but once she sets her mind to something and you try to overrule her, she’s not going to go down without a fight. Or get revenge if she can’t fight.
  9. If they could travel anywhere in the world, where would they go? In our world, I think she’d want to see Paris. Of course she’d have Maddock go with her because, hello, city of love and all that.
  10. Who was the last person they held hands with? Maddock. ♥

And that is it for this month’s Beautiful People! I actually really enjoyed these questions because they really got me thinking about Abby and her background. I knew some of it, but some of these were a surprise.

Let’s Chat! ≧◡≦

Is there a major event that happened to your character when they were younger that has stuck with them all of this time? How does it affect them now? And also, because I’m a sap, who was the last person they held hands with and what their significance to your character?

Beautiful People: March Edition

Hey peeps! Welcome to another edition of Beautiful People, a monthly writer’s meme that delves into the world of writing where you get to answer some questions about your characters. It’s hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up & Further In. If you want to know more about Beautiful People, you can check out the FAQs page here.


This month is all about your characters and who they are, how they’d react to things, and what they’d do if they had a rough day.

Today I’m going to talk about my character Abigail, aka Abby. She’s my main female character in my fantasy romance novel, and I love her to bits. She’s smart, brave, and fun.

The Questions:

  1. What first inspired this character? Is there a person/actor you based them off? I think what first inspired her was just this intense vision/scene I had of her and Maddock together, and I just knew I wanted to have her as a character. She’s not based off of an actor or anything. She did develop and grow a lot more as the story went on, and she changed bit by bit, but I think that’s a very cool part of the whole process: learning about your characters and watching them grow.
  2. Describe their daily routine. Well, as she’s a maid in a palace her day consists of: waking up and getting ready for the day ahead (bathroom, clean hair &teeth, clean outfit, etc), have a quick breakfast in the servants’ quarters with the others that she works with, then gets started doing her set of chores for the day. After completing those tasks she gets to spend some time with the other servants and talk and catch up, and then goes to bed. Though, in the story, her daily routine is anything but a routine. But if nothing was happening, that’s what she’d do.
  3. If they joined your local high school, what clique would they fit into? I can see her fitting into the drama kids clique, for sure. I don’t think she’d be an actress, but rather a stage hand and help set up the sets and all of that. She’s very handy with her hands and her imagination, so she’d definitely be an asset.
  4. Write a list of things they merely tolerate. Ex: certain people, foods, circumstances in their lives… Being treated as less than who she is. The Chancellor. Not having enough cleaning supplies at her disposal to get a job done. Cold drafts. Spiders.
  5. How do they react in awkward silences? She’d just kind of stand there, blush rising on her cheeks, as she looked around at anything to try to find something to say and break it. I can see her swaying back and forth on her feet a little before she catches herself.
  6. Can they swim? If so, how did they learn? No, actually! She’s never been taught because she’s always lived inland and so she’s never really had the opportunity before. She’s not afraid of the water, though, but she knows she won’t be particularly useful in those situations.
  7. What is one major event that helped shape who they are? Her mother’s passing definitely shaped her because her mother had cancer and was the closest person to her in the world. After losing her, Abby fell into a depression that she occasionally still has to battle through, but at the same time it also made her stronger because she knows how fragile life can be. She doesn’t take death or joking of death lightly.
  8. What things do they value most in life? Her family, for sure, as well as her friends. She’d put her life before another’s at any moment in order to make sure that they survived if need be.
  9. Do they believe in giving other people second chances? Do they have any trust issues? She believes in giving second chances, but she’s wary of that person afterward, unsure of what to really think about the whole situation at hand. She has a few trust issues after a certain event happens in the novel that I don’t want to spoil, but otherwise she’s very trusting of others.
  10. Your character is having a rough day…what things do they do to make them happy again? Is there anyone they talk/interact with to get in a better mood? If she were having a really rough day (which she’s had in the novel), Abby would try to find someone to talk to about it and try to work things out about it. Her best friend, Morgan, is one she would definitely turn to to get back into a better mood. Otherwise, she would wallow and think and overthink about the situation, causing a downward spiral. But she doesn’t try to push through and keep her head high, hence her bravery.

There you have it! There’s a little more information about Abby. I still haven’t continued to write in a long time and I really, really need to get back to doing it. I’m most of the way through the story, I just need to finish it! I think I’m putting it off because I don’t want it to end.

How would you answer these questions based off of one of your own characters? Do you find that you got to know them a bit more because of it? What I really want to know is how YOUR character would react if they’re having a rough day. Let me know!

Beautiful People: Valentine’s Edition

Hey peeps! I found this cool new meme and since I’m a writer, I wanted to join in! It’s hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up & Further In. If you want to know more about Beautiful People, you can check out the FAQs page here.


So this month’s topic is about ships. You know exactly what I’m talking about: the relationships that form in your own writing. (Yes, writers ship their own characters, in case you were wondering.)

So for this one I decided to go with two of my lovelies, Maddock and Abby, who are from a fantasy I’m writing and they’re just two of my favorites (of course). I’ve never really talked about them, but here’s a little bit to know about them before I jump into the questions:

  • Maddock is part of the royal guard, but having only been enlisted for a few years, he’s not high up in the ranks. He’s got a keen eye for detail and is fiercely loyal to his comrades. He’s also kind of the gentleman (mama raised him right). He’s twenty-two years old and ready to take on the world. He can be quick to react sometimes, but he has the best intentions.
  • Abigail, or Abby for short, is a maid in the palace and has been working there since she was a little girl. She was born there and so she grew up in servitude. Her father left to find a better life for them when she was little, but never returned, and her mother died of cancer when she was fifteen. She may seem quiet on the surface, but she’s not afraid to speak her mind when it’s called for. She does have a few secrets, though, that she doesn’t want others to know.

And that’s all I want to give you because I have to rewrite my first draft (which isn’t even finished yet) and fix a bunch of things because they developed so much as the story progressed. BUT, one thing is for certain: I ship them so hard.

So, here are the questions for this month’s Beautiful People:

  1. How did they first meet? They first met in the palace when Maddock and a few members of his squadron were on their way to a meeting and Abby crashed – literally – right into Maddock.
  2. What were their first impressions of each other? Instant attraction, but not insta-love. Maddock is about a head and a half taller than Abby, so Abby thought he was a mountain and Maddock thought she was cute with the freckles across her nose and cheeks.
  3. How long have they been a couple? I think for about half the story so far? Maybe less than that. They kind of go through a lot of rough things together on the journey that they take to find a killer, so that created a bond between them. Their feelings developed over time, but they haven’t really been a “couple,” per se.
  4. How committed/loyal are they to each other? Would they break up over a secret or a disagreement? Could stress drive them apart? Would they die for each other? They wouldn’t break up over a secret or stress or anything. I wouldn’t ever do that to my babehs. I don’t know that they’re at the “dying for each other” stage just yet where they’re at in the story, but… hell, who am I kidding, of course they would! They fight alongside one another on multiple occasions and I just love how they mesh together.
  5. List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!) Hmm.. I honestly don’t think they do know! At least, not said in writing. Behind the scenes: Maddock knows Abby isn’t a fan of seafood and that she loves to have her bread buttered with some basil on it. Abby knows Maddock eats fast – wicked fast – because he always has to be ready at a moment’s notice so there’s not really any time for him to enjoy his meals. As for non-food quirks? Abby fiddles with her fingers when she’s nervous and Maddock hums when he’s relaxed.
  6. Does anyone disapprove of their relationship? None thus far.
  7. What would be an ideal date? A picnic on the hillsides near the palace – they’re some of the most maintained and beautiful with fields of flowers covering large spaces.
  8. What are their personality dynamics? Similar? Contrasting? Do they fight a lot or mesh perfectly? They actually mesh pretty well, which surprised even me. Where I thought Maddock would be kind of stoic, he’s actually just a very focused individual. Abby is a hard worker and strives to do the best she can in any situation, so they balance each other nicely like that. They’re actually pretty similar, now that I think about it, but not in a way that you can’t tell who’s who.
  9. What have been their best and worst moments together as a couple? Best: Their first kiss, dancing, first flirtations. Worst: Almost getting killed, Abby getting kidnapped.
  10. Where do they see themselves and their relationship in the next few years? In the next few years, they see themselves living in a nice place near the mountains. They’d have everything they could desire at this point, and possibly a child on the way.

And there you go! Writing about them makes me want to get back into writing the story and progressing the plot… or just start the revisions now, SOMEBODY HELP.

Anyway, there’s a little insight into two of my characters and their relationship together.

If you’re a writer, how hard do you ship your characters? Are they more of a tragic romance, or ones that will last forever? I want to feel the feels, so let me know!