Heir of Fire Book Review


Title: Heir of Fire
Sarah J Maas
Series: Book #3 in the Throne of Glass series
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Publication Date: September 2, 2014
Genres: Young/New Adult – Fantasy, Romance
Pages: 562
Format: Purchased Hardcover

“Heir of Fire” is the third book in the “Throne of Glass” series by Sarah J. Maas, and it is by far, in my opinion, the best book in the series thus far. This book has so much going on in it that not only develops the characters that were already known further, but it introduces and develops new characters, builds on the world, and sets the course for other plot lines that will take place in the series.

It’s hard to not give away spoilers considering this is the third book, but I do want to do my best without doing so (if you want spoilers and for me to talk a little bit about what happens, you can view my video here).

Celaena doesn’t start out as the typical badass that we have seen her be in the past two books, but rather a broken-hearted person after a loss. This actually got to be pretty annoying as it dragged on through the book, but I could see where she was coming from and why she was so upset for so long.

The undercurrents here, though, helped her to fuel her magic and to help her really take control of not just others around her in battle or danger, but also of herself. It was very enthralling to read about, that’s for sure.

Other characters in the book, such as Dorian, Chaol, and new characters, developed throughout the book as well.

Dorian has a secret he must keep from his father in order to survive, as well as try to not hurt or alarm anyone around him.

Chaol is having difficulty picking sides between loyalty from one person to the other. It’s actually quite disheartening how much of a struggle he has.

New characters introduced, such as Rowan, Manon, and Aedion, are all crucial parts to the story and I believe they will each play intricate, and possibly heartbreaking, rolls in the story later on.

Rowan is a Fey warrior who has been given the task of training Celaena in her magic and making her stronger before bringing her to a capitol magic city. He’s stoic and hard to crack, but does open up as time progresses.

Manon is a witch with no heart or soul – or so she’s been told since childhood. She is disciplined and ruthless, but when her eyes set upon something massive, something in her seems to shift, though she doesn’t realize it.

Aedion is, at first, portrayed as an antagonist, but as we learn more about him, he’s definitely fiercely loyal – to the right person. He also has a back story with Celaena that will make you want to go “aww.”

Though that’s really all I can give without spoiling much else, I do recommend this book and if you’re reading the series, definitely continue with it.

I rate this book 5/5 stars.

Accompanying video: Heir of Fire Book Review

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