How I Organize My Bookshelves

There’s a bunch of ways people organize their bookshelves. Some do it by color, some by author, some by series or genre. I find that it can be relaxing and kind of fun to organize your shelves.

The way I organize them changed recently, but I did keep some of it the same way as before, just in a new location.

So, here are my shelves for reference!



Okay, these first three pictures are all of just one bookcase.

First shelf (top left): It consists of tall story books and fantasy books (a few dystopian, too).

Second shelf: It consists of some of my favorite series/authors: The Mortal Instruments/Cassandra Clare, Throne of Glass/Sarah J Maas, and The Remnant Chronicles.

Third shelf (top right): It’s adult fantasy with some horror-esque/spooky novels and a few YA fantasy.

Fourth shelf: Science fiction, fantasy, dystopian, and some of the books I won from giveaways! (Because I had no where else to put them.)

Fifth (bottom) shelf: Some of my religious books, including my gigantic study bible, and the Harry Potter series trunk.

This large bookcase is one in which I put my primary books, aka the ones I want to get to ASAP. Mostly.

Next, I have two smaller bookcases with three shelves each and I arranged them a little differently.



Shelf one (top left): Hardcover contemporary and non-fiction, including some favorites.

Shelf two: Adult fiction, YA dystopian, and YA contemporary.

Shelf three (top right): Classics, classics, and more classics. And some DVDs we borrowed from a friend.

Shelf four (bottom left): Vampires, Narnia, unicorns. You know, because those go together.

Shelf five: Manga! And the Divergent series.

The shelf below that one is books I still have to donate, I just haven’t done it yet. (Attachments, man. I can’t help it.)

So really it’s up to you on how you want to organize your bookshelf. Maybe I’ll do a tutorial type of post soon about how to organize it in different styles, but I just wanted to show you the way I do them.

Top 5 Wednesday: Things On Your Shelf That Aren’t Books

Welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday as hosted by Lainey of gingerreadslainey on YouTube. Today’s topic is all about those things on your shelves that aren’t books. So let’s jump right in:

5. Disney Girl License Plate


I got this license plate during an event at my college about two years ago. I love love love Disney with all my heart, and so I had to get a plate (that’s plastic) to commemorate it.

4. Mickey & Minnie Plushies


We got these plushies on our honeymoon to Disney World over Christmas in 2014. It was so fun and I wanted to get my first Mickey plushie. Well, why not both Mickey and Minnie for the price of one? Plus they were dressed in their wedding garb, which was perfect.

3. Seashell from Wedding


It was a Disney themed wedding (see a pattern here?) and I didn’t want a typical bouquet once I was given the option to carry a seashell. And guess who my favorite Disney Princess is? Ariel! So it was perfect. And yes, those flowers are from the wedding; they’re dried by now, so they can crumble really easily.

2. Mickey & Minnie Frame with Wedding Picture


On our honeymoon in Disney we saw this frame at our resort and we just HAD to have it. Luckily they found a box in the back otherwise we may not have been able to get it. I love how beautiful it is and how it has the two iconic characters dressed up for their wedding day (plus the picture in it is from our wedding day!).

1. Family Photos


I have a whole bunch of photos of my sister, who didn’t make it when she was born, to my Memere and Pepere from their prom back in the day, to my dogs Hershey and Taz. They’re super special to me and definitely make it to the top spot on the list for this week.

What are some of your miscellaneous things that are on your shelves that you find special? Let me know!