#RYBSAT Read-A-Thon

Another read-a-thon!? Yup. I find these to be fun, even if life keeps deciding to not be so much. So I’ll be participating in #RYBSAT (Read Your BookShelf-AThon), a week long read-a-thon (May 18th-25th) where you pick a spot on your shelf and try to read as many books as possible on your shelf. If there is a series, you must read at least one book in said series before moving on to the next, or read the whole series.

This one sounds challenging, but I’m still excited for it! So since I have a lot of places to choose from, these are the books I picked:

IMG_1853I’m starting from the left of the shelf, so the books I hope to read during the week are:

I think that’s honestly all I’ll be able to get through in the week, if that. So those are my goals for the read-a-thon, for sure.

So many read-a-thons, so little time! I’m having fun joining in on these and I think they’re really helping me to broaden my reading choices and read books on my shelves I’ve had for months and months now. So I’m glad I came upon them for sure.

As always, don’t feel pressured to read everything you set out to read. Life happens, stories can become boring, and just the timing of it all might conflict with something else. Just remember to have fun if you decide to participate!

Do you plan on participating in #RYBSAT? What’s your TBR look like for this read-a-thon? Let me know!