Hobby Corner: October VIDEO GAMES Edition


Welcome to another edition of Hobby Corner, a monthly edition I introduced to talk about my hobbies and interests other than reading. It’s always important to not forget these things, so here I am to talk about some of mine.

This month’s topic: video games!

I love playing video games. I haven’t done it as much lately, but that’s just because I really haven’t been in the mood. I’ve always had a preference for first-person shooter games, role playing games like Final Fantasy and Tales of Symphonia, but I’ve also played games like Spider Man, Ray Man, Mario Kart, Pokemon, and more.

Today I’m going to talk about some of my favorite franchises when it comes to games. I can get into more specifics at a later time, but today I’m just going to go into the broad topic of the franchises and why I enjoy them so much.

Assassin’s Creed


My first game when I started playing this franchise was Brotherhood and it was absolutely amazing. And then I played a lot of the others and I was hooked. I love being able to be an assassin, how there’s a war between two powers, how the stories are told, how the characters are so different in each story arc, but I also really love how you’re able to go and really explore the world as much as you want. That’s seriously one of my favorite aspects about any kind of game. I mean, what’s the point if you can’t explore a little?

I think this franchise is so fun and so elaborate. I love how it places with history and it can take you back to some really beautiful eras. The system of using hidden blades, neat tricks to take out enemies, and the sceneries are just awesome, too.

Call of Duty


Now, I know a lot of people think the CoD franchise is overrated, but I’ve been playing this franchise since the beginning when it was on the computer, it was old graphics (but really cool for the time), and it was in WWI with Captain Price (who lived through a million games and wars, I swear). I can’t even remember the name of the game or what it was called online, but I played it! I’ve played almost every adaptation since, too, which is a lot but I just find it so cool to not only be a first person shooter, but to also get a look into what people in those situations go through. Obviously it doesn’t compare to the real thing, but still.

I also found that this franchise gets more interesting (and more complicated) as different kinds of weapons are introduced and how different kinds of wars and strategies are thought to play out. It’s very interesting to me to see, but also hella frustrating because when you die 249039048483294240239432 times in the same spot, you get kind of angry.

Final Fantasy


I. Love. This. Franchise. Now, I’ve only played a tiny handful of the games, but they’re beautiful and glorious and SO intricate in so many ways, it’s ridiculous. I find that the story is extremely compelling and interesting in every game that’s come out so far, and that the systems used in order to gain abilities and experience is really cool and efficient because you can choose what you want the characters to learn, which is awesome. Then there’s the ART. Oh. My. Glorious goodness, the art in these games is unbelievable. I can’t even.

Of the games I’ve played, I’ve only finished one to completion because these games take TIME, and I think it took me over 100 hours of playing to beat the one game. But I also like to go and do as much as I can as I go through the game, and sometimes my characters still aren’t strong enough to beat bosses and it’s just frustrating as all hell. But man, this franchise is simply fantastic.



LET’S BE REAL HERE. If I hadn’t listed this as one of my favorite franchises, I’d be a liar. I LOVE POKEMON. I have since it first started airing back in 1999 when I was a youngin’. I will admit, though, that I came late to the video game world, so my first Pokemon game wasn’t until Pokemon Gold. I’ve played Stadiums, Snap, Go!, Black, HeartGold, Y, X, Mystery Dungeon, etc. I’ve played a lot of them. And I don’t care if it’s the same kind of story every time, they’re just so fun and so addicting and so nostalgic! I think that’s one of the biggest factors when it comes to playing the games.

Plus, who didn’t want to be a Pokemon Master as a kid and wanted Pokemon to actually be real? I know I did. It was one of my wishes for my birthday when I was a kid. Dreams. Shot. Down.

Not many people know that I like to play video games. I generally surprise them when I say that kind of thing, but I really do. These are just a few of the franchises that I really enjoy playing. The next time I talk about video games I’ll talk about a few more of my favorite franchises and maybe some specific games.

Let’s Chat! ≧◡≦

Do you play video games? What’s your favorite franchise and what’s your favorite game in that franchise? Do you collect anything like characters or cards of characters from that game? Tell me all the things!

Read Them All Thon Pokemon Indigo League Readathon + TBR


Guys. Guys. I need to do this readathon. It’s like all of my Pokemon Trainer dreams are finally coming true after all of these years.

So this epic readathon is being hosted by Aentee @ Read at Midnight and there’s a lot of fun rules and stuff, which I will list here, but also I’ll link back to her post, too (click her name).

P.S. All graphics are made by Aentee and are free to use for this readathon!
P.P.S. Pokemon is owned by Nintendo and I claim nothing. This is just for fun!

Let’s start off with the basics:

What Is It?

The Pokemon Indigo League #ReadThemAllThon is a 3 weeks long reading challenge based on the Kanto’s Indigo League. Long-time fans of the series would recognize this as the first set of gyms Ash Ketchum had to conquer in his quest to become the Pokemon Master. Now you, my friends, will also embark on a journey to become the very best. Instead of fighting gym battles, you’ll be reading books instead!

When Is It?

The read-a-thon will run for 3 weeks between Sunday 14th August to Sunday 4th September.

You can sign up anytime between now and the end of the read-a-thon.

My Pokemon

Now, there’s a bunch of fun associated with this readathon, and I’ll let you read all of the fine print on Aentee’s post, but here’s the Pokemon I’m going with!


A stage three Pokemon is good for points, and I love Bulbasaur, so I’m choosing this little guy! Also, thank you to Aentee for making me the trainer card!

His next evolution: 150CP

The Challenge/Gyms

There are 8 reading challenges within this read-a-thon, based on the 8 gyms that are in the Indigo League. Earn a badge every time you complete a book!



Well, this one’s pretty self explanatory, so I’m going to choose to read Moon Called by Patricia Briggs. This is the first book in the Mercy Thompson series and has been on my TBR for months now.

288 pages, potential +28CP



Okay, some of you know that I don’t cry easily when it comes to books. At all. I might get teary or choked up, but it’s very rare that I cry. BUT, I’ve seen several recs for this one and I’m going to go with The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner, because I started it months ago and never finished it, but I guess it’s supposed to be a tear jerker?

384 pages, potential +38CP



I mean, what book would that be? I think for this one I’m going to go with The Book Thief by Markus Zuzack. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things and everyone and their brother/mother/sister/uncle’s best friend’s daughter’s dog has read, so, it’s officially my turn.

592 pages, potential +59CP



For this one I’m choosing Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz. Friendship that turns out to be more while these two boys go out to find the truth of the world and who they are? Yes please!

359 pages, potential +35CP



I’m going to do a crazy thing and pick The Bronze Horseman by Paulina Simons for this book. Why is it crazy, you ask? Because it’s over 800 pages long in kindle form… I’m crying already, but I also want to read this one because Russia + romance.

811 pages, potential +81CP



I think for this one I’m going to finish reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I started reading this a couple months ago for a different readathon, but I only read the first two or three chapters before I stopped because I just wasn’t in the mood at the time. But I’m hoping to read it for this readathon!

512 pages, potential +51CP



Okay, so it’s not 100% red, but its focal point is red! For this challenge I’m finally going to read Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. I’ve been putting it off for a long time and now I’m finally going to settle down and read it.

452 pages, potential +45CP

readthemallthon-badge08-earth (1)


Alright, I’m not really into dystopian much anymore, but for this challenge I’ll read at least one more. For this one I’m going to choose Legend by Marie Lu. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this first book so I’m hoping to enjoy it.

305 pages, potential +30CP

Potential Total CP to Earn if I Finish ALL of the Books: 527 (includes +20CP bonus for each book finished)

Let’s Chat! ≧◡≦

Do you plan on participating in this epic readathon? Which Pokemon did you choose? Did you choose lengthy books or reasonably sized books for this readathon?

Pokemon GO! Book Tag


GUYS. As soon as I saw this tag I HAD to. HAD. TO. If you don’t know the latest craze to sweep, well, a portion of the world, it is Pokemon GO!, a game where we can finally all realize our childhood dreams and become Pokemon masters! So, why not combine two loves of mine, books and Pokemon? This tag was created by Aentee @ Read at Midnight and I’m so excited to do this tag!

*All graphics were made by Aentee and are free to use.
**Disclaimer: Pokemon GO! belongs to Niantic and Nintendo.


Of course, I didn’t know about the Pikachu starter until way after the fact, and I had no idea what I was doing when I first started the app, so I ended up with a Squirtle when I wanted a Bulbasaur. But that’s okay!

As for what started my love of reading? I have no idea! I just know that I’ve always loved to read. I would read children’s science books as a kid, beautiful story books, and more.


Again: Pikachu starter never happened. And I still haven’t found one in the wild. One day!

Hmm, I’m not big on classics at all… I guess I’m going to say the same as Aentee and say Harry Potter. Even though I haven’t read the whole series, it’s definitely a modern classic that has changed the world of reading forever, I think.


ZUBAT. ZUBAT EVERYWHERE. Same with the damn Pidgey and Rattata.

I think Passenger by Alexandra Bracken is definitely one I lost interest in because it was everywhere at the beginning of this year. I heard a lot of mixed reviews on it and, personally, I’m half way through and really bored with it. So, yeah, interest is gone.


I have not heard of or seen a Ditto anywhere in the game yet, but I hope to one day!

When I read Shadow and Bone by Leigh Barudgo recently I felt that it followed a lot of the same kinds of tropes I see in fantasy YA books: dark, brooding love interest; not strong female character, but gains strength in multiple ways; childhood love interest. I mean, I do enjoy all of these tropes! But, like I stated in my review, it didn’t completely do it for me but I still really enjoyed it.


My husband has encountered Snorlax multiple times and STILL hasn’t caught one. Poor guy.

Have you heard of Outlander? It’s a ginormous book that’s full of a lot of history and story and stuff and I’m interested in it, but I don’t know if I’ll ever start reading it because it’s such a time commitment.


I’ve caught a few Ghastly, but I haven’t seen a Gengar yet!

My beloved A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas has kept me up late at night because I NEEDED to know what happened next. Every page, every chapter, I needed to know what happened next. It was a miracle I was even able to function when I wasn’t reading it.


I’m working on trying to evolve my Nidorina and Nidorino into Nidoking/queen. I love these Pokemon!

Oh man, where do I even begin? Here’s a few: Feyre/Rhysand, Aelin/Rowan, Karou/Akiva, Zuzana/Mik, Sofia/Gideon, Lee/Flynn, Lilac/Tarver, Blue/Gansey, Ronan/Adam…. And the list can go on and on and on.


I caught a Ponyta as soon as I hit level 10 very close to my work, but I have yet to see a Rapidash.

Ooh, the Shatter Me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi is very fire-hot and fast-paced! The first book was a little eh, but the other two were very intriguing and fun and way better.


Eevee is one of my top five favorite Pokemon! My number one is Growlithe, then Cubone, then Eevee! (Then Sylveon and Phanpy.) I’ve caught a bunch and I have all the Eeveelutions that are out so far.

I’m pretty sure I’ll forever see spinoffs of the Shadowhunter realms by Cassandra Clare, and I’m perfectly okay for that. I need to catch up, for sure…


Yes, my useless friend, I will forever love you.

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson was definitely amazing! I was taken aback by how amazing it was. Also, the manga series Orange by Ichigo Takako was beautiful and incredible, too.


I can’t wait for the opportunity to catch these guys!

I’m still excited to read the next Throne of Glass novel, of course! I miss the characters and the world and I can’t wait to see what’s waiting for them next in the world. I’m doing really bad with the readalong, but I’m going to keep trudging forward!


Need. Both. Especially Mew.

Hmmm… I do have a few collector’s editions of some books I love, but I don’t know what other collector’s editions there are out there! But I’m sure I’d find one eventually. But, if we’re talking clothing, I’d really like anything Hufflepuff related just to get my collection started because I’m a proud Hufflepuff! Also, more ACOMAF/TOG fan things, thanks.


Must. Walk. More.

Hmm… I’m not sure! I’m kind of behind on the times with what’s coming out as debut novels lately. Any suggestions as to what I should keep my eye out for?


I was finally shown how to use one of these and I felt like an idiot for not realizing sooner.

Have you met my queen, Sarah J. Maas? And Laini Taylor. And Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner.


It’s the new blue screen of death!

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas, for sure! I can’t waaaaaiiittt. OH! Also The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson! And A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir! SO EXCITEDDDDD!

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! Ah, I love how Pokemon GO! is changing so many lives and making the communities come back together again and it’s just so cool! I love being able to live out my dream of becoming a Pokemon master!

I Tag

All of you beautiful people that are into Pokemon! Do it!

Let’s Chat! ≧◡≦

I’m on Team Mystic, what team are you on? Which Pokemon starter did you pick? What level are you on now? I think I’m level 13. Are you excited to become a Pokemon master?