ABEA Day 2: Social Media

So the choice of today’s ABEA topic came down to either visual expressions or social media. Frankly, social media is right up my alley and I have plenty of experience and use with it.

I’m literally all over the internet on many of the big social media platforms (these can also be found on the side of my blog with the icon buttons):

I love social media. It’s one of those fundamental things I don’t think I’d want to ever be without. I mean, I can go for a while without Facebook or tumblr or whatever, but I love, love, love Twitter. Especially since I started blogging did I gain a new appreciation for just how cool Twitter is and how much it can connect people together.

I find that social media is one of those things you need to help boost your stats as a blogger, sure, but I also think it’s important to connect with readers and followers on some level if it doesn’t happen on your blog, per se.

When it comes down to it, I think social media is extremely important for bloggers. Even if you use it just as a link up with your blog, you’re spreading your content more which means there’s a higher chance that people will see it and like it or be able to connect with you.

What about you? How many different social media platforms do you use related to your blog? Do you mix personal and blog together? I do on several accounts, and I’m okay with that. Let me know!