The Book Drop May Subscription Box

Hey guys! Here’s another unboxing from The Book Drop. As it says on the website:

The Book Drop is our very own monthly subscription box service. What does this mean? This means once a month we hand-select one of our favorite new books based on your reading preferences, package it up all nice and cute in a box and send it your way! Book Drop subscribers get a book delivered to their doorstep (or mailbox) once a month from Bethany Beach Books.

So I’m subscribed to the Jane box which includes:

  • Paperback book (usually a contemporary or historical fiction novel, with the occasional literary fiction novel)
  • Indie Next list for the upcoming month
  • An occasional goodie

For this month there were really awesome goodies that came along with the box, and I’m so excited to have them because: MAKEUP.


It came with:

  • Some Women by Emily Liebert
  • A signed bookplate
  • An Indie Next Best Booklist
  • A little note about why this book was chosen for this month
  • A recycled bookmark (very appropriate for Earth Day)
  • A set of three lip glosses where each color represents the three main characters in the book: Candy Apple for Annabel, Salmon for Piper, and Wild Orchid for Mackenzie


Also, some of the proceeds of that lip gloss go to The Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita Valley, which is awesome!

The note for this month’s box says,

Some Women is the perfect book for the beach, pool, or porch… with the most perfect cover! I instantly fell in love with all three women and felt like they were old friends, I hope you’ll feel the same way, too. Included you’ll find a signed bookplate from Emily plus a really fabulous goodie that was made exclusively for the book! Happy reading! Enjoy! Love, AZ

It’s a book about three different women going through three very different marital troubles, and as I am a married woman, this book intrigues me. I hope that it’s more about friendship and such because I love seeing that kind of thing in books.

So, I just wanted to give a heads up that this is my last Book Drop box that I’ll be getting for a while due to financial reasons, but I think it was a great one to end with for now! Maybe when I don’t feel so strapped I’ll join up again.

What do you think of this month’s box? Have you read the book, and if so tell me your thoughts! Isn’t it cool that they gave out lip gloss this month? I think yes!