Reading & Blog Goals for 2017

Happy New Year everyone! Aren’t you glad 2016 is over? I’m excited for the new year because it means new beginnings, and I’ve never felt more genuinely excited for new beginnings since this year. I don’t know what it is, but I’m just anticipating what this year could potentially bring. I’ve already talked about my writing goals for this year, so now let me talk about my reading and blog goals for 2017:

Reading Goals

  • Read at least 30 books.
  • Finish several books on the Beat the Backlist Challenge. I think this is a great challenge to really cross off those books that have been on my shelves 5ever.
  • Read more diverse books.
  • Finish the Harry Potter series, dammit.
  • Read more adult books (not there’s anything wrong with YA, I just want to read more adult things).

Blog Goals

  • Comment on more blogs! I know I said this last year, but I want to keep it up because I have commented more this past year, but not as much as I’d hoped.
  • Maybe change the way I review. My review style has been transforming slowly the longer I do reviews, so it’s a natural progression kind of thing. I like my review style, though, so this one’s just kind of an optional one.
  • Have fun with what I’m doing.

I honestly don’t have that many goals that I want to achieve this year in reading or blogging because I just want to enjoy my time doing both, which I think is the most important thing of all. As long as I’m doing that, then everything else can fall into place afterward.

Let’s Chat! ≧◡≦

What do you hope to accomplish reading wise? What about you blog? Are there some things you definitely want to tackle this year?

Writing Goals for 2017

So as I won NaNoWriMo 2016, and still have yet to finish that novel I was working on, I wanted to talk about my writing goals for 2017. As a writer I think I can relate to a lot of people when I say I start a lot of projects but never finish them. On top of that I continue to get more ideas for stories I’d like to write, it’s just a matter of time when it comes down to writing them.

I have a few goals that I 100% want to attain in the upcoming year, though, because I want to see myself progress and accomplish something so awesome that I never thought I’d be able to before: potentially be published.

Now that’s not my only goal (it’s a primary goal, but not my only one), so let me talk about the goals that I have for the upcoming year:

1. Finish writing a story and EDIT IT. Seriously. I have yet to go through a first round of edits in anything I’ve written lately, so I want to be able to finish writing a story then go back through and edit the heck out of it.

2. Start a new story idea (and finish it), but also don’t give up on it. I have a bunch of ideas running through my head (that I should write down because I keep forgetting what they are, hahaha) and I don’t want to give up on them. Life can become so… easy. I can be so complacent with how things are, and I don’t want that. I want to challenge myself, to finish writing, to not give up on a story just because of how it’s going. I know it’s going to suck in the first draft. I just have to keep pushing through to the end.

3. Do more outlining! I know I’ve said before that I hate outlining, but since discovering this past NaNoWriMo how helpful it actually was for my story I discovered that it’s soooo beneficial for it! It’s more of a guideline rather than something strict that I need to follow, but I want to do more of it.

4. Start to seek out agents. Yup, I’m going to actually do this this year. I’m going to challenge myself to do so. If I don’t, I’m just going to keep pushing it off, over and over, and I don’t want to do that to myself. I would love to be a traditional published author, and I’m not going to get there without seeking out an agent first.

5. Have fun with it. Writing isn’t easy, folks. Some people think it’s a breeze, but honestly, it’s hard work. Coming up with multiple characters with different personalities, lifestyles, families, ethnicities, orientations, emotions, etc, is very complex in and of itself, let alone creating a world or a plot. But you know, despite dragging my feet a lot of the time, I really do have fun writing. I love seeing where my characters take me and where I can bring the story. It’s so amazing to see the progress over time.

6. Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo and NaNoWriMo again! I have so much fun participating in both events with other people around the world and I think it’s just a great way to really cheer on others going down the same path as you.

So there we have it, some simple goals that I think will really benefit me in the long run and will definitely be achievable in the upcoming year.

Let’s Chat! ≧◡≦

What are some of your writing goals for 2017? Have you already finished a novel and you’re in the searching for an agent process? Any tips? Tell me all the things!

Writing Goals for 2016

Let’s talk about ALL THE RESOLUTIONS! Woo!

No, but seriously, this is my third post in a week about resolutions or relating to it. I promise it’ll be the last one!

So today I wanted to talk a little bit about my writing goals for this year. I know I set up a vague goal last year to edit my NaNoWriMo novel from 2014, and that flopped, but this year I want that to change.

As a graduate of Professional Writing, I want to be a writer! I love to create and be able to tell stories with my voice. I mean, anyone can be a writer regardless of what they do or don’t graduate with, but for me, it became a goal once I made it through college. And I sort of didn’t do much of it at all last year except for Camp NaNoWriMo, and I want to change that.

So this year I’m going to make three goals that I really want to see to the end. These goals or writing for these goals don’t have to be perfect, but I definitely want to be able to see something come of them.

So here are my three major writing goals for the year and how I plan on actually achieving them:

1 . Finish editing my 2014 NaNoWriMo novel.

And this time I mean it, dammit. I loved my first novel that I completed for NaNo. I grew attached to my two main characters and their stories, backstories, the world and how they grew up in it. And every time I’d write about them, or start to edit and find out more about them, things changed and grew and expanded into something more.

So I want to make it a point this year to read through my 100 pages manuscript and at least complete editing that story. It’s written to completion, it just needs to be edited (and then rewritten to add/take away edits, but one step at a time).

How I’ll Be Doing This: I’m going to do my best during some downtimes each weekend to see this through. I know I can do it; it’s just a matter of actually doing it that’s the challenge.

2. Finish writing my 2015 Camp NaNoWriMo novel.

I love this novel, too! My characters keep growing and developing and I’m learning so much more about them as I go, which then makes me want to go back and just start rewriting into the characters that I know they can be. But I really need to actually finish writing this one first.

I’ve actually written more for this story than the previous one and I’m not even close to be done with it yet. I’m hoping to get in at least another 20,000 to 30,000 words before it’s done, but who knows?

How I’ll Be Doing This: So the way I’ll be going about this is working on it for a half hour two to three times a week. I can push out 1,000 words in a half hour, so it’ll go at a decent pace if I actually stick to that goal. And of course I won’t limit myself if I’m on a roll and I want to write more in a given day.

3. Start writing a new novel, whether for Camp/NaNo or not.

I had an idea that came to me last night as I was trying to sleep, as all great ideas do. And I actually really, really like this story idea so I’m going to start writing it this year.

Now this doesn’t mean I have to finish it this year, but I do want to at least start writing it and get what I can down before I forget anything.

How I’ll Be Doing This: a) To do this I’ll do the same as above: a half hour two to three times a week. Of course, if I choose to wait until Camp or NaNo, then I’ll have plenty of time to bust out some words, so that’ll be fine.

b) And I’ll also do accomplish this goal by doing something I hate doing: outlining. I seriously hate outlining because I just like to go right into the story and get as much as I can out on paper. But I think this will help with how I want the story to flow.

So there you have it, my 2016 writing goals! They’re pretty straight forward, and may seem daunting, but I’m going to do my best to succeed at all of them.

Accompanying video: Writing Goals for 2016

Do you have any writing goals for the year? How challenging are they? Do you think you’ll be able to complete them or do you think you’ll need an accountability buddy to help you push through it? Let me know!

Themeathon Announcement

Hey everyone, so I just wanted to make an announcement letting you know that I’ll be hosting a month long read-a-thon! Woo! A few people on Twitter seemed interested, and maybe this will motivate me to read more since I’ll be the one hosting it, so why not!?

Anyway, what is the themeathon read-a-thon you ask?

Each week in July will host a different theme. So the goal is to read at least one book that fits that theme. Pretty simple, right? I mean, that’s one book per week. I think that’s doable, don’t you?

There will also be mini-challenges to go along with the main challenge, so you can set your own goals for what you want to accomplish during this read-a-thon.

Also, let me just say that this is a relaxed read-a-thon. Do not feel obligated to complete every challenge or participate in Twitter sprints or anything.

To get a better idea of what I’m talking about, here are the dates and the corresponding challenges:

July 1-8

Theme: Daring Hero/Heroine

  • Read at least one book that has a daring/courageous hero/ine in it. Example: Katniss from The Hunger Games.


  • Read a book with multiple points of view (two people or more). Example: These Broken Stars.
  • A book that’s between 350-400 pages.
  • A book that isn’t a novel (such as a memoir or non-fiction story).

July 9-16

Theme: Dangerous Love

  • Read at least one book with an element of dangerous love in it. This can either be environmental or personal. Example: Juliette and Adam from Shatter Me.


  • Read a book with over 450 pages.
  • Write a poem to the main love interest in the book you chose (any type of prose/rhyme scheme/format).
  • Listen to an audiobook.

July 17-24

Theme: Villain You Love to Hate

  • Read at least one book with a villain you love to hate, aka a villain so horrible you want to toss them off a cliff. Example: Valentine from the Mortal Instruments series.


  • Describe the book you chose with emojis on Twitter.
  • Write a haiku of the villain in the book you’re reading and share it on your blog/Twitter/wherever.
  • Watch a book-to-movie adaptation of said book, if there is one.

July 25-31

Theme: Only Standalones

  • No series, no duologies, no trilogies. It’s all about the standalones this week. Example: Fangirl.


  • Read a standalone that’s not a contemporary.
  • Read a standalone over 400 pages.
  • A diverse read! Example: Main character is gay, religious, biracial, etc.

Okay, so those are all of the weeks and all of the challenges to go along with it. Again, do not feel obligated to complete every challenge. I mean, you can if you want, but that’s up to you.

Also, let me know if you’ll be participating by either commenting down below or using the hashtag #themeathon on Twitter/Instagram. You can create your own Themeathon TBR post and all that so I can see what you have planned! I’ll post my own TBR closer to the read-a-thon.

I’ll host InLinkz on my own posts each week so those of you who participate can share and see what other people are reading and all that. I’ll be doing weekly wrap-ups so you can see my progress and all that, and I’d love to see yours.

I’ll also be hosting Twitter sprints each week so we can all read as much as we can together. I’ll be hosting them on @SummerReadathon, so be sure to check them out there.

Here’s a schedule for Twitter sprints:

  • Week 1: Monday, July 6th @ 6:00PM EST until 8:00PM EST
  • Week 2: Tuesday, July 14th @ 5:00PM EST until 7:00PM EST
  • Week 3: Wednesday, July 22nd @ 3:00PM EST until 6:00PM EST
  • Week 4: Thursday, July 30th @ 6:00PM EST until 10:00PM EST

I’ll post reminders at the beginning of each starting week, don’t worry!

Accompanying video: Themeathon Announcement

So let me know if you’ll be participating down below or on Twitter. I think this will be a fun time and I hope to see you there!