The Reading Experience

I saw this discussion topic on Katytastic’s channel on YouTube and thought I might put in my own two cents about what exactly “the reading experience” is and how it can affect your enjoyment in books.

When you read a book you pick it up expecting to enjoy it, right? Whether it be because of the characters or plot or the writing, you go in expecting to have that happy feeling sit in your belly as you read (or your heart or head or wherever).

But when the experience and memories surrounding a book are less than ideal, things can get a little complicated.

Say you’re reading a book you were highly anticipating and you have to go on a long car ride with your whole family: two parents, three loud siblings, your dog, and possibly even your cat. You’re enjoying the book because the characters are funny and the plot is dynamic, but your younger sister keeps throwing her snacks at you and the other two won’t stop arguing about who will do what when they get to your destination, and all the while your parents are in their own world.

The experience behind the book is less than pleasant so it may affect how you actually like the book in the end. If you give it another go in a much quieter setting, like in your room after everything is done for the night where you can control the noise, lighting, etc, then it makes for a much more enjoyable experience and it can actually cause you to enjoy the book much more.

I feel like I’ve had these experiences as well. I’m very much a mood reader, and so it can be a challenge to the right book to suit my mood at the time, but when I do I can usually fly through it if I’m enjoying it enough.

But lately I’ve been stressed due to transitioning from a part-time job to a full-time job in similar, but completely different positions. So I haven’t read as much because of the high stress and exhaustion I’ve been under. One book I’ve tried picking up that I was initially excited for is dragging and so I put it down because the experience behind it is negative (and I’m also not enjoying the voice of the main character, but that’s not the point).

Try reading during your peak times when you know you’ll enjoy that book you pick up. Don’t get me wrong, though: not every book you pick up will be enjoyable for its content, but the experience behind it can be a positive one.

Have you had difficult or troubling reading experiences? How did you get through them? Let me know!