My Currently Reading Shelf & Why It’s a Lie

If you use Goodreads then you know about the three “shelves” that they give you upon signing up: read, currently reading, and want to read. These three shelves really define a bookworm’s real shelves, but of course the option to add more shelves is always there and people come up with really creative names for what they want to shelve their books on.

Me? I’m lazy and just use the three.

BUT. If you take a look at my currently reading shelf…


THIRTY. SIX. BOOKS. What the hell is that number about? I can barely focus on the one book I’m currently reading at the moment, let alone thirty-six!

See now, I have this bad habit. Do you want to know what it is? (of course you do, why else are you here?)

I start books and don’t finish them.

I KNOW. HEATHEN. But, let me explain.

It’s like I’ve talked about before a few times on my blog about how I want to read certain books during certain times of the year, or I’m just not in the mood to read, etc. These factors are huge in determining on whether or not I finish a book. If I’m super into it, don’t have a crap ton of stress in my life, or am just not super tired like I’ve been lately, then I can read a bunch of books in any given month. I find them enjoyable and I can fly through them sometimes.

But then there are times when I just… can’t.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I generally DO enjoy the books I’m reading at that given moment they’re sitting in my currently reading shelf, but more often than not my mood changes and I just don’t want to read it anymore.

My earliest book on that shelf is A Game of Thrones. I started reading it back on December 23, 2013. Almost three YEARS ago, people. Three. Years.


And then I have a few books I started two years ago or last year and I’m just sitting here like, “Why haven’t I finished reading them?”

I know a couple of them I’m probably definitely not going to read anytime soon, so I can remove those if I wanted, but the others? I actually AM interested in reading them, but I just haven’t because… why?

Laziness? Lack of interest? More interesting books on my shelf?

I think yes to all three.

I also enjoy using the currently reading shelf to constantly update my reading progress on the book I’m currently reading at that moment. I like seeing my progress and how close I am to finishing and seeing if I can finish it in a certain time frame and stuff like that. It’s like a competition with myself.

I find that the shelves on Goodreads are super useful and awesome, for sure, but I think it’s just my mind’s constant flow of wanting to read ALL THE THINGS that so many books get pushed aside for just one book I’m super interested in at the time.

Let’s Chat! ≧◡≦

Do you abuse your currently reading shelf like I do? How many books are you actually currently reading? Are your shelves on Goodreads accurate representations of what you’ve actually read/are currently reading? Share your insights! I must know!