How I Organize My Bookshelves

There’s a bunch of ways people organize their bookshelves. Some do it by color, some by author, some by series or genre. I find that it can be relaxing and kind of fun to organize your shelves.

The way I organize them changed recently, but I did keep some of it the same way as before, just in a new location.

So, here are my shelves for reference!



Okay, these first three pictures are all of just one bookcase.

First shelf (top left): It consists of tall story books and fantasy books (a few dystopian, too).

Second shelf: It consists of some of my favorite series/authors: The Mortal Instruments/Cassandra Clare, Throne of Glass/Sarah J Maas, and The Remnant Chronicles.

Third shelf (top right): It’s adult fantasy with some horror-esque/spooky novels and a few YA fantasy.

Fourth shelf: Science fiction, fantasy, dystopian, and some of the books I won from giveaways! (Because I had no where else to put them.)

Fifth (bottom) shelf: Some of my religious books, including my gigantic study bible, and the Harry Potter series trunk.

This large bookcase is one in which I put my primary books, aka the ones I want to get to ASAP. Mostly.

Next, I have two smaller bookcases with three shelves each and I arranged them a little differently.



Shelf one (top left): Hardcover contemporary and non-fiction, including some favorites.

Shelf two: Adult fiction, YA dystopian, and YA contemporary.

Shelf three (top right): Classics, classics, and more classics. And some DVDs we borrowed from a friend.

Shelf four (bottom left): Vampires, Narnia, unicorns. You know, because those go together.

Shelf five: Manga! And the Divergent series.

The shelf below that one is books I still have to donate, I just haven’t done it yet. (Attachments, man. I can’t help it.)

So really it’s up to you on how you want to organize your bookshelf. Maybe I’ll do a tutorial type of post soon about how to organize it in different styles, but I just wanted to show you the way I do them.