Anime Rewind #2

Hey peeps! It’s time for another Anime Rewind! This is a new feature where I talk about the anime I’ve been watching lately, my thoughts, how many episodes I’ve watched, and more. I’ve watched a decent amount of anime since my last Rewind, so let’s jump into it!

First, let’s recap anime that I mentioned in my last Anime Rewind.

  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – I’ve watched episodes 6-12 and I find that the season is progressing slowly and really focusing on the arc of the Ghost. I mean, it’s fine, the arc is interesting and I have a lot of questions, but I wish it was a little more fast paced? Like, I want to see more of them training and becoming ninja, but maybe that’s just my bias from my Naruto days, haha! I do really like how Boruto is developing as a character and how he really differs from his dad, and I like how he’s forming friendships and how they all work together for a common goal and don’t look down on him. There’s opposites to the original Naruto series than to this one, and I think it’s going to get better from here on out.
  • Tsukigakirei – I’ve watched episodes 6-11 (one episode was a recap and it’s like…why? It wasn’t needed.), and OMG the visuals are still spectacular in this anime! The animators really outdid themselves, especially during the festival episodes (those wind chimes, tho!). I have to say, the cuteness level? IT’S OVER 9000!!! *ahem* I seriously squee almost every episode and episodes 9 and 10? Ahhhhhhhhh! Too much cuteness, it was so good. I also like how they’ve introduced a lot of shorts at the ends of episodes and how we get to see other characters that the show doesn’t focus on and their relationships. Too much cuteness. Go watch it if you haven’t!
  • The Royal Tutor – I watched episodes 6-12, which was the season finale, and I HAVE ALL THE EMOTIONS! I love this show so much and though I thought that a couple episodes were kind of flat in the way of plot, I still enjoyed them because the characters always bring life to the situations around them. It was nice to see a slow progression of plot and how it built up to the last episode (where I almost cried omg), and I really really REALLY hope there will be a second season because I think there’s so much potential for a lot more comedy and a bit more darkness to come. 5/5 show. Go watch it!
  • My Hero Academia – I’ve watched episodes 2-8 of season one since the last time I updated and I. Am. HOOKED. This show has so much more depth than I was expecting, so much comedy, so much character development in the works… I don’t even know how to describe it, but I can tell you that I for sure love it and I need to keep binge watching it. Seriously.
  • Kanka Bancho Otome -Girl Beats Boys- – I’ve watched episodes 5-11 and WHY. MUST. THESE. EPISODES. BE. SO. SHORT!? It’s such an addicting and good series, but the episodes are only 8 minutes long and ahhhh I need to know what happens next! But pretty much I’ve been enjoying how the story’s been progressing and introducing different characters and situations and there’s a lot more depth than what was originally shown. It’s also very good at leaving off on cliffhangers, which drives me crazy. But it’s still really good!
  • Brothers Conflict – I finished off the first season, which was super addicting, and I’m SO SAD but I won’t spoil why I am sad. I just hope that there will be a season two because I really need more from this show! I thought that the main character could’ve used more personality, which she started to show more toward the end of the season, but I hope that with a new season we’ll see more of her. I give this season 4/5 stars.
  • Tokyo Ghoul – I’ve only watched episodes 3 and 4 since the last time I talked about it, and I can tell you that it differs from the manga a bit, which distracted me, and it’s super bloody and stuff, but that’s to be expected from a series like this. I do plan on continuing, just… I didn’t realize how much the blood and stuff was going to bother me, haha.

Alright, that’s it for ones I’ve continued to watch this past month that I talked about last month. Now let’s move on to ones I’ve started watching this past month that are new!



Anohana – episodes 1 & 2, ongoing – This anime is about a boy being haunted by the ghost of a girl he was friends with a child and how it’s pretty much his mission to get all of those friends from back then back together again and so far it’s good. I’ve only watched two episodes, so I haven’t really gotten a feel for it, but I can tell I’m really going to enjoy it when I do keep going. I just keep putting it off to watch other things, really.


Kiznaiver – episodes 1-5, ongoing – OMG I LOVE THIS ANIME. The anime style is so cool and so fascinating to watch, and the story is unique! I haven’t really heard or read or seen anything like it, but it’s the concept of sharing pain among others and how these unlikely individuals have to get to know one another and go through tasks together without getting each other killed pretty much. It’s really good and you can ship everyone with everyone and omg I need to keep watching, why haven’t I finished it yet?


Rommate – episodes 1-6, ongoing – Now this isn’t the greatest anime out there but it’s so hilarious in a cheesy way that I can’t help but watch it. Plus each episode is 3 minutes long, so that helps. It’s just one of those guilty pleasure anime to watch to pass the time. Not a lot of character depth or plot as it’s in first person, which makes it interesting as YOU are the protagonist, but uh, it’s entertaining nonetheless.


Tonari no Seki-kun – episodes 1-21, ongoing – This is SUCH a funny series about Seki-kun who is always doing some random thing at his desk during class and of the girl, Yokoi-san, who endures his antics and even gets in on them sometimes. It’s SO FUNNY. Omg. Seriously, go watch it. I can’t even describe it. It’s just a silly anime that has different ways of killing time by Seki-kun. So cute. I ship them.



The Girl Who Leapt Through Time – THIS. MOVIE. WAS. SO. GOOD. I had read comments in the video when I watched it on YouTube about how people weren’t expecting to cry and feel all the feels at the end, and guess what? I CRIED AND FELT ALL THE FEELS. This movie had me on the edge of my seat and not only was it entertaining in that the main girl could go back through time and change things for the better, but it also had depth and showed the consequences of those actions. It had subtle romance, the anime style was simple but still lovely, and the characters were all loveable. Oh man, I want to watch it again now and I highly, HIGHLY recommend you check it out, too! 5/5 stars for sure!


Doukyuusei – This is a boys love anime movie and it follows this boy, Hikaru (blond), who is in a band, and another boy, Sajou (glasses), who is studious, and how they are in the same choir class at school. Sajou isn’t able to see the notes on the board even with his glasses and so he pretends to be singing during class and Hikaru notices, so he offers to help after class. Well, slowly they kind of fall for each other and there’s light drama and so much cuteness and future happenings and I want them to be together foreverrrrrr~ If you like boys love, then definitely watch this anime. 5/5 stars.


The Anthem of the Heart – This movie is about a girl who sees something she shouldn’t as a child and an egg (yes, an egg) makes her mute. As a teen she is volunteered to be on the student council for the class with three other students who wouldn’t otherwise come together, and though there is a lot that happens in between, it’s a very sweet story about accepting the past, overcoming fears, true feelings, being honest with yourself and others, and it’s so good. The characters were dynamic and the plot was lovely. And I will say: one of my ships sank, but there was a dingy waiting nearby for another ship, so it’s fine. Also, the music in this? BEAUTIFUL. 5/5 stars.


Koe no Katachi – Remember when I reviewed the A Silent Voice series a little while ago? Well this is the movie adaptation! It was finally subbed so I was able to watch it and I enjoyed it! They cut out some major parts from the manga that I thought would’ve made the movie better or explained characters better and stuff, but I also understand that it’s hard to fit seven volumes of material into a two hour movie. The animation was beautiful, and the voice acting was well done. They hit many of the major points from the series, but like I said, it could’ve had more. Also, the ending was very different from the way the manga ended, which frustrated me. But if you watch this without having read the manga, I think you’ll enjoy it to the fullest. 4/5 stars.


The Garden of Words – This was a bittersweet movie filled with hope and longing and a desire to be saved. It was EXTREMELY visually stunning (like I’ve never seen such beautiful visuals in an anime like this, especially with all the rain), and it was also just very pleasant as a story. It was a sort of romance between a 15 year old boy who wants to be a shoe maker, and a 27 year old woman who is a teacher kind of at the end of her rope. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it at first, but I thought that the subtleness of the romance was great and that the story itself was just… beautiful. 4.5/5 stars.

And that’s all I’ve watched in the last month! I hope you all find something that you’re interested in from my list and check some of these out because they’re all really good in my opinion!

Let’s Chat! ^w^

What have you watched recently? Have you watched any of the ones I’ve listed here? What are your thoughts? Any anime show or movie suggestions for me? Let me know!

Stardust Movie Review

stardustmovieThe other day I watched the movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s “Stardust,” and I have to say, it was pretty dang enjoyable. The movie, like the book, follows a young man named Tristan who is trying to win his true love’s heart. When they see a shooting star together he vows to bring back the fallen star to her in turn for her hand in marriage. She agrees and Tristan sets off on an epic journey through faerie to get the star.

When he sets off with a candle his mother (whom he’s never met) gave him in a letter, he soon finds out that the star is not actually a big hunk of rock, but rather a young woman with a bit of an attitude.

But the thing is, Tristan isn’t the only one looking for the star, Yvaine. A witch wishes to steal Yvaine’s heart so she can become young and beautiful again; and a son of a king needs to find the necklace that Yvaine now wears in order to claim the crown.

It’s an epic tale with lots of funny moments, romance, and a tale that you won’t soon forget.

It was definitely very reminiscent of the book. It started out a bit differently than what had happened in the book, but the same type of plot was still there: boy manages to sneak past the wall that separates the regular world from the magical, goes to festival, gets a woman pregnant. You know, the usual. But it’s a really fast scene and it felt kind of rushed to get to the main story. Let me talk about some of the difference I noticed as I was watching this book-to-movie adaptation:

  • The beginning, as stated above, was different and kind of rushed.
  • There was no little faerie man to help Tristan out at the beginning or to explain the Babylon candle.
  • Yvaine’s leg didn’t really seemed to be broken, but more like sprained because they never splinted it or anything in the movie.
  • The sequence of events happened differently, too, such as when the witch set up the inn and when they met the pirates in the sky. I believe these two things happened in reverse in the books (I could be mistaken, though).
  • We never got to see Tristan’s “mother” or sister at the beginning.
  • Saltwater Sal didn’t actually die in the book.
  • There was a whole fight at the witch’s manor, which I don’t recall at all from the book.

I mean, this was a pretty good adaptation, in my opinion. I think it was a bit more humorous from the book, but I really enjoyed it.

Now, as for my opinions on the film itself:

  • You could tell when there was CGI and when there wasn’t. Oh my, the CGI. Called it every time.
  • The actors all did a great job portraying their character, and I especially loved Captain Shakespeare. He was a hoot.
  • The added battle scene with the witches was needed, I think, in terms of how the movie flowed. It didn’t hinder it at all, in my opinion, but added to it.
  • The comedy was great and added a light and airy feeling to the movie where I felt the book was more serious.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie and thought it was a good adaptation. Of course there were some things that could have been added or changed around, but it was faithful through most of it.

I give this movie a rating of 8/10 stars and highly recommend it for anyone who’s read the novel.

Insurgent Movie Review

Insurgent movie poster. Source: MTV

Insurgent movie poster. Source: MTV

There will be spoilers! If you have not read the book nor seen the movie, please come back when you do!

Please read my reviews for all the books and the Divergent movie before continuing on, too, please.

Veronica Roth‘s second installment in the Divergent series, “Insurgent,” opened last weekend and I went to see it with my husband. Frankly, I went in with kind of low-medium expectations. The first movie was pretty good, following the book decently, but the trailers I had seen for the second movie didn’t really impress me at all.

Well, frankly, it reached my expectations. Actually, it was worse than my expectations.

It started out kind of strong. The group was in Amity just trying to get by and hide from Jeannine and her lackeys and all of that. But from there it just kind of went downhill.

I’m just going to list everything I found wrong with it from book to movie, then comment on everything else afterward.

Book-to-Movie Adaptation Impressions

  • Where the hell was Tris’s PTSD? For a great majority of the second book she was so overcome with grief and shock and horror over having killed her friend, Will, in the first book that she literally could stand to touch a gun. And yet within the first five minutes they have her 1) wielding a knife at Peter like she’s a freakin’ ninja, and 2) she’s carrying a huge gun and shooting at people like it’s nothing. Um. Uh. No. I was so peeved within the first five to ten minutes of the movie when I realized they weren’t going to play with her PTSD. Just. UGH.
  • The Factionless on the train was cool and everything, don’t get me wrong, but for some reason it just came off weird. And then when they went to the warehouse… Where the hell did they get all of this technology and gear to make it by? They were supposed to be living in run down shacks and stuff, and yet there were no such things lying around anywhere in the movie. I just… okay, I could see how it worked visually for the movie, but in terms of book-to-movie? Nu-uh.
  • Tobias’s mother could have been his sister. That is all. I seriously felt sexual tension through the screen and it was extremely uncomfortable. Literally the whole theater laughed quietly at the fact that the actress playing his mom was literally probably two years older than him.
  • Where the hell did the box thing that had to be unlocked with Edith Prior’s message come in? I don’t remember that in the book at all. I thought it was just on a chip or something. And the whole beating the simulations thing? Yeah, cool in concept, but it didn’t exist in the book.
  • Where was the uprising and take over by the Factionless? That was a MAJOR part in the book and they cut it out completely! Not. Happy.
  • Also, WHY was the entire population going for the fence? It was only supposed to be like… five people or something. I just… NO!
  • I did like Caleb’s betrayal as it was portrayed in the movie from the book. Good job.
  • Peter was the highlight of the whole movie. Good job, Miles Teller, for being such a great actor and portraying Peter beautifully.
  • Oh, and wasn’t it supposed to be Tris who kills Eric, not Four? Like, where was the retribution for Tris? I just. I don’t understand.
  • Remember when Edith Prior’s name was mentioned at the end of the book and all hell broke loose? Yeah. Where was that in the movie? The projection didn’t even mention her name. It was supposed to set off some events in the last book.
  • OH. My biggest problem from the movie: TRIS was supposed to kill Jeanine. NOT Evelyn. What. The. Hell. That was another MAJOR part from the book where Tori was supposed to catch Tris and there would have been a trial, etc. *unleash the fury*

Okay, I think I got all of my frustration out. If I missed anything, it’s because I’m choosing to forget it.

Now let me comment on specifics of the actors, CGI, plot, how they’re going to move forward, etc.

General Movie Impressions

  • Shailene Woodley was a great actress, as always, playing really good at emotions when in Candor and other intense parts. Her chemistry with the other actors was great, too.
  • Naomi Watts (Evelyn) was too damn young looking. Pick an older actress, or do a better makeup job.
  • The CGI wasn’t as realistic in this movie as the last one. It looked artificial and felt artificial. Before, I felt like it was believable, like what was happening and being used was actually happening to the characters. But this time? No.
  • The acting in general seemed forced. They all seemed uncomfortable in their own skin, like they were trying to force the scenes out. Like I said, Miles Teller did a fantastic job portraying his character and loosened up the strain a bit.
  • The fight scenes were so fast and so blurred together that I could never see what was happening. Who hit who? What just happened? I couldn’t figure it out.

They took a lot of liberties that I was not happy with. They could have made the movie so much better, they could have shown what really happened in the book and included some flair here and there no problem. But this movie was a hot mess.

Despite all of these complaints, I did still enjoy it for the separate entity that it was. Yes, there were a crap ton of problems, not just with the fact of how far they strayed from the book, but the quality of the movie, the CGI, and the acting, too. But I could still see decent films developing after this; I just hope they don’t suck as much as this one.

My overall rating for this film: 5.5/10 stars.

Do I recommend seeing it? Sure. If you want to see it, go for it. Do I recommend going in with high hopes? No.

Did you see the movie? What are your thoughts? Let me know.

The Fault in Our Stars Book & Movie Review


Title: The Fault in Our Stars
Author: John Green
Publisher: Dutton Books – an imprint of Penguin
Publication Date: January 10, 2012
Genres: Young Adult – Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 313
Format: Purchased Paperback

Everyone’s heard of this book by now, right? “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green is a book about a girl named Hazel who has lung cancer, and a boy named Gus (Augustus Waters) who is in remission from cancer. The book, itself, doesn’t solely focus on the fact that they have/had cancer, though, rather it’s told from Hazel’s point of view as she and Gus fall in love over their short time together.

So, pretty much this book is amazing. As it is my first John Green book I am highly attached to it, and the only real problem I had with it was the language these teenagers used throughout the book. Like, seriously, no teenager talks like that. Other than that, I thought the book was fantastic, riveting, exciting, fast paced, and just overall wonderful. I read it in just seven hours, with a break in between those hours because I had to work. I never read books that fast unless I’m completely sucked into it, and this book was definitely one to do just that.

I rate the book 5/5 stars.

Now, the movie. There was a lot of anticipation for this movie. Everywhere on tumblr, especially, there were waves of fandom that continually came through saying how excited everyone was for this movie and that they all hoped it lived up to their expectations of what the book held for them.

Well, I saw the movie and I cried like a big baby along with the rest of the theater.

I didn’t necessarily cry with the book. Don’t get me wrong, there were many feels to be had when I read the book, and I even got choked up toward the end of it, but I think that seeing the book come to life and portrayed as well as it was just ripped my heart out.

The movie was just as fantastic and riveting as the book, and it was the truest book-to-movie adaptation I have ever seen. There was literally only one scene that I could pick out that was different from the book, and that was the scene right before Hazel, Gus, and Hazel’s mom leave for Amsterdam. Other than that, I thought that the movie did a phenomenal job of representing the book in all of its glory.

I rate the movie 5/5 stars.

Accompanying video: TFIOS Book & Movie Review

So, what did you think of the book and movie? Did you feel there was anything wrong with it or that things could have been added or changed around in the movie? Let me know in the comments!

Divergent Series Review + Movie Review

Titles: Divergent; Insurgent; Allegiant; Four
Author: Veronica Roth
Series: Books 1-3 + Novella bind up of the Divergent series
Publisher: Katherine Tegan Books – an imprint of HarperCollins
Publication Dates: April 25, 2011; May 1, 2012; October 22, 2013; July 8, 2014
Genres: Young Adult – Dystopian, Romance
Pages: 487; 525; 526; 208
Formats: Purchased Paperback + Hardcovers

Hello all! Today I’m going to be reviewing the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. I’ve already done the various videos about each book in depth, so if you want to take a look, I’ll link them at the bottom of each review section.

Just so you know, any review I do on this blog will be spoiler free unless otherwise stated. Sometimes my videos will include spoilers, so fair warning now!

divergentDivergent Review

I thought that this book was very enticing. I will admit that I did see the movie before I read the book, and though I’m not a fan of doing that, I was still able to make comparisons and pick out my favorite parts from both book and movie.

So, when I read Divergent I wasn’t sure what to expect when I had first heard of it. I thought the premise of the story was a good one, and when I started to read, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a fun, epic adventure that follows the journey of a 16 year old girl named Tris as she leaves her faction behind to seek the thrilling life of her new faction. She meets some interesting people along the way who help mold her into the person she becomes, including Four, who is a mysterious, and oftentimes harsh, guy who is not only her initiation instructor, but someone Tris becomes very close to.

As the story progressed I was surprised with how much time was spent talking about the Dauntless training and the various things that happened in Dauntless. It’s not necessarily a bad thing at all, but it was different from the movie, in my opinion. I actually enjoyed the book more because of it and felt that I got a really good feel of what living in Dauntless would be like.

The antagonist of the book, Jeannine Matthews, is a good villain. She has a goal she wants to reach and will get rid of anyone standing in her way, literally, including the Divergent – people like Tris. Jeannine is manipulative and cunning, making for a good villain that you can’t help but be mad at.

And then there’s Eric. I don’t like him.

The book is well written and the content can pull you in. As Veronica Roth stated in a Q&A in the book, she wanted to create a character that would cause the plot to keep driving forward. I believe Tris did just that.

The story left off with a cliffhanger and there was definitely room for a sequel to come into the mix, which I will talk about… now.

I give this a 4.75/5 stars.

Corresponding video: Divergent Book & Movie Review

insurgentInsurgent Review

As far as sequels go, I wasn’t completely disappointed with Insurgent. Some sequels are often lack-luster and can leave the reader feeling like it was just filler and didn’t need to be there, but Roth did a good job in presenting a sequel that followed the story line and didn’t disappoint.

It starts off with Tris dealing with a lot of emotional damage after the last book and it makes for a tough beginning for her as she and some of her friends have to lie in hiding from Jeannine Matthews and those that follow her. Though this doesn’t work out and the group has to run for their lives, they still manage to escape Jeannine’s clutches – for now.

The premise of this book focuses mainly on how much Jeannine wants to get rid of the Divergent. There’s a big secret surrounding them that isn’t discovered until the end of the book, but leading up to it there is a lot more action, bloodshed, and loss, but also a lot more budding romance between Four and Tris.

I don’t want to give away too much, but I will tell you that I do recommend this book and I give it a 4.5/5 stars.

Corresponding video: Insurgent Review

allegiantAllegiant Review

The third installment in the Divergent series let me down a little. I was expecting a different story, a different ending, and though the ending itself was heart-wrenching, it still made for a good ending. The premise of the story, though, felt off for the series as a whole. Let me explain why.

The premise of this book was following Tris, Four, and various other members of different factions outside of the fence lines. The point of view of this book changes, though, and is told from both Tris’s view and Four’s view. It surprised me and I questioned why Roth did it that way, but as I continued reading it did make sense for the story itself.

But that’s where it started to fall short.

The main plot to this last book was about genetic damage and how a corporation outside of the fence, known as the Bureau, was conducting experiments and watching them the whole time from outside the city limits. Our main heroes discover what they were really up to and try to stop them.

Now, this book had a lot of potential. I think if this were written for a different series, a different set of characters, it would have worked. But it didn’t seem to flow as well as Insurgent had from Divergent in terms of plot. In terms of story line, there was a continuous flow that occurred.

I give this book a 3.5/5 stars, but if you’ve read the first two books, you may as well read this one, too.

Corresponding video: Allegiant Review

fourFour Review

This was a novella collection of the Divergent series told from Four’s perspective. I enjoyed the collection and it was a fast and easy read as it told about Tobias’s past and how he joined Dauntless, flew through the ranks, and discovered a few secrets.

There were a few major continuity issues, though, and the parts that were included that made it that way really didn’t need to be and it took away from his stories overall.

I give this novella collection a 4/5 stars.

Corresponding video: Four Review

Divergent Movie Review

As stated above, I saw the movie before I read the book, but when I did see it I was hooked from beginning to end. I was rooting for Tris, I was rooting for her relationship with Four, I was captivated by the world of it, and I wanted Jeannine Matthews to pay for what she did so bad. The action scenes were enticing, the script was good, and the acting was well done.

Yes, there was one cheesy line at the end that really didn’t need to be there. Yes, the actor who plays Four, Theo James, is obviously not 18, but that’s okay. Yes, it was different from the book in the end.

If they had stuck with the original premise of the book at the end, I think it would have made for a much better lead into the next movie, but it’s obviously too late to change that. Overall, this was a well done book-to-movie adaptation and I rate it 4/5 stars.

So, there you have it! A bunch of reviews in one giant post. I probably won’t do this again unless it’s another series that I finish, but I will try to keep up with this blog, as well as my vlog, and I hope you all enjoy it.

Corresponding video: Divergent Book & Movie Review