Relating to Characters

You know when you’re reading and you can feel part of yourself connecting with a character? Whether it’s because of their situation, their personality, how they talk, etc, there is usually something you find in a character that you latch on to and you find yourself needing more and more of that character.

So I was thinking to myself, what kinds of characters do I relate to? Do I relate more toward the hero or the villain? What about the side characters? Is there a reason I always want them to be my best friends in real life? I’m going to decipher all of this and talk about some of each kind of character I can think of that I feel I relate to.


  • Karou from Daughter of Smoke & Bone – I feel like I relate to her in the sense that I feel the need to go places I’ve never been before. That wanderlust streak kind of overtakes me sometimes and I just need to get out. Of course, what that really is is anxiety, but still, very similar.
  • Cath from Fangirl – This book was me in college. I’m very much an introvert (well, more like an ambivert with introvert tendencies) and I just always wanted to stay locked up in my room away from everyone and do my own thing. Hell, I’m still like that now – and I’m married. I mean, I love my husband, but I need my Me Time, thanks. Plus, I love to write, as does Cath, so there’s that, too.
  • Samantha from Every Last Word – Now I have never been diagnosed with OCD or any form of it, but reading this has made me think on how I do have certain obsessive thoughts sometimes or how I need something to be just the right way where it was before. Just similar things that made me feel close to her.
  • Kakeru from Orange – I relate so much to him and this manga series because it’s about a character, Kakeru, who has depression and sucidal thoughts after the loss of his mother which he blames himself for. Now, I don’t blame myself for anyone’s death, but I do have depression and I have had suicidal thoughts before, so just the emotions is what I really understand greatly. The whole putting on a happy face and “faking it til you make it” crap… Yeah.


I honestly don’t know that I relate to villains. I mean, I know I have my ups and downs like anyone, but I generally don’t wish to hurt people. I’m sure there’s a villain somewhere that I relate to, I just can’t think of one right now.

Side Characters

  • Simon from The Mortal Instruments – Simon is like a cute little morsel that I just want to keep in my pocket. Until it melts and gets all gross… BUT he’s funny and sarcastic and points things out like they are and I just love him. He’s probably my favorite character in this series just because of how fun he is.
  • Morrigan from A Court of Misty and Fury – Mor has a tragic past, yes, but she’s loyal to her friends and she’s funny, sarcastic, caring… Honestly, she’s just awesome because she’s also kickass.
  • Despina from The Wrath and the Dawn – I think I’m just drawn to sarcastic characters because every single character on this side character list is sarcastic. But despite that, she’s intelligent and knows how to keep a secret, and she tries to be strong when she should let others help with her burdens.
  • Zuzana from Daughter of Smoke & Bone – I LOVE HER. And her silly sarcastic quips. And her shyness and boldness at the same time. UGH. SHE’S SO AWESOME. I can’t put her into words.

So either I relate to all kinds of mental illnesses, or to sarcasm. Nice. I mean, I’m generally a happy person who loves to smile and laugh, and these characters do, too, once they understand that it’s okay to. I think that’s probably the most relatable part out of all of them.

Let’s Chat! ≧◡≦

What characters do you relate to? What do you think you’re more drawn to in a character and what does that speak of your own? Do you have any villains you feel you relate to? Tell me all the things!

3 thoughts on “Relating to Characters

  1. I feel like I relate to Hermione and Luna from Harry Potter. I relate to Hermione because I’m a bookworm and I feel like I relate to Luna because she was somewhat on the outside looking in.


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