Gift Guide for Book Lovers

We’re well into the holiday season, and whatever you celebrate, this is usually the time of year when we give gifts to each other. Now, as a book lover, I’d love many book themed gifts! Even writing gifts are a plus, so today I’m going to give my own thoughts and ideas for what you can give that book lover in your life!

1 . Books

I know, I know, sounds kind of cliche, right? Well, if you know someone in your life who’s been dying to read a certain book or who loves a certain genre, then try to pick out that book for them or something that you think they’d enjoy.

For example, I love fantasy. So if you were to get me a book that’s based in another world with a magic system, kickass heroes/heroines, potentially mythical creatures, and a villain I love to hate, then I’m most likely going to enjoy and read said book.

If, for example, you have someone who loves contemporary, but doesn’t necessarily want YA, then head to the fiction section and search around for something light-hearted with some splashes of romance inside.

2. Gift Cards

I know that this seems like a cop out, but really, it’s a great thing to give someone a gift card! Whether it be Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or that indie bookstore down the street, a gift card can go a long way. Not only do you give a gift, but you’re allowing that person to pick out whatever they want on their own.

3. Adult Coloring Books

I’m listing this separate from the books category because, well, you can’t really read these. They’re just a fun, imaginative way for adults to escape for a little while and relax. Focusing on coloring, on a single task, can be extremely soothing to some people, so give that stressed out book lover in your life the gift of a coloring book – and don’t forget the colored pencils!

4. Litographs

These shirts from Litographs are wicked cool because not only are they tailored to book lovers, but they include a section of a book (or the whole book) of your choice from their selection. It’s so cool and your book lover would literally be a walking book. What more could they want?

5. Etsy

Okay, you can’t give them Etsy itself, but finding cool and quirky handmade gifts on there is pretty nifty. You can find handmade bookmarks, necklaces from your favorite series, book ends, book safes, and so much more.

6. Shelves and/or Bookends

I know this can be a little pricey, but I mean, the book lover in your life needs somewhere to put their books, right? You can find cheap shelves through Target and Walmart, but if you want something a little sturdier, then maybe check out your local furniture stores. If you’re feeling up to DIY, build the shelves! Just be sure to get exact measurements and permission before doing so.

As for bookends, if your book lover already has shelves and wants to spruce them up a bit, getting bookends could be the perfect way to do it. They come in all shapes, sizes, weights, colors, and prices, so find a set that you think will match the room, the person, or the shelf.

7. Journals

Even if your book lover isn’t a writer per se, a journal can unleash a lot of untapped creativity and they may just thank you for it later. You can find or even make journals from so many different stores: Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, The Paper Store, maybe even the dollar store. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, so pick one that you think your book lover would like.


Honestly, who doesn’t love a bookmark? There’s magnetic ones, steel plated, 3D picture, shapes… There’s so many different kinds of bookmarks to choose from! And again, you can find them in a lot of places. Etsy has really cute handmade ones and Barnes & Noble and other book stores carry lots of different kinds, too. Trust me, your book lover will appreciate having something to hold their place other than a scrap piece of paper or the cat.

9. Something Handmade

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I love handmade gifts. For your book lover, if you want to go the DIY route, there’s more than enough YouTube video tutorials to help you out in making little book ornaments for the tree, or really anything else you can think of. But there’s something about gifts being handmade that make it extra special, in my opinion.

10. Subscription Box

This can get pricey depending on the subscription option you pick, but a bookish subscription box could be the perfect thing to get your book lover! There are many different kinds of boxes and they all come with different books and bookish swag, so it’ll definitely keep your book lover happy for a while.

Here’s a few:

  • Owlcrate – Monthly, 3 month, 6 month subscriptions for YA book & swag
  • LitCube – Literary themed swag and book
  • Uppercase – Monthly YA book & swag
  • Book Riot – Book & bookish swag
  • The Book Drop – Choice between “Jane,” which is adult fiction, or YA

So there you have it! My gift guide for the holiday season. There’s obviously so much more that you can give your book lover that isn’t listed here, but this is a simple list that branches out to many different kinds of gifts and ideas. Get creative! No matter what you get your book lover, I’m sure they’ll, well, love it!

What do you plan on giving the book lover in your life this holiday season? Is it handmade? Store bought? Huge? Let me know what you’re giving and what you’d recommend to give!

8 thoughts on “Gift Guide for Book Lovers

  1. I don’t have any book lover friends really. One of my friends is into The Maze Runner so I got her some badges from the new Scorch Trials movie bit that’s it… 😛


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